2010 Christmas Tree {Changes}

Oh, don’t worry, not anything big- just decor changes. It’s almost Christmas Eve after all, I don’t want to rock the boat too much! You may remember a few weeks ago when I posted this picture of our Christmas tree:

While there’s nothing wrong with it, we’ve had a white/silver/gold tree for a few years and I mentioned wanting to add some color this year. Specifically, purple and lime green. Well, I did have some green balls that I added, but they kind of disappear in the green tree (duh, do you think that’s why there aren’t many ornaments in that color?), so I concentrated on finding some purple balls.

Goodness. Purple is definitely NOT the “in” color this year. After looking at about five different stores (just while I was out, I didn’t actually take time just to look for purple balls- sheesh!), I finally lucked out at Big Lots and bought the last package of eight purple balls in the place (compared to about 100 packages of bright pink…).

But just eight balls? Even with the one purple ball we had, they didn’t add up to much on the tree. Enter a roll of narrow purple ribbon I had in my stash:

2010 Christmas tree with Purple
Whew. Disaster of not enough purple on the tree averted. You can all breathe easier, friends. I think the ribbon did the trick of adding the right amount of color combined with the balls.

It’s a thin ribbon, so it’s subtle, but I like that. Then I found some purple glitter ornaments (yes, I could make some- but they were only a dollar!) to add to the mix and and all together I have to say- it’s making me happy!

I made another subtle change- this time to our mantle. My daughter suggested that we add some black touches to the mantel to coordinate with the black we added during our living room makeover last winter. So we went from the picture above to this:

Can you see what changed? Ten minutes spent spray painting our stocking letters and the peace sign created just the coordination we were looking for.

That girl- she’s got some great ideas. Sometimes. Don’t get me started on the “mom, can I have a sleepover for 10?” refrain…

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Jane, Naples, Florida says

    Great idea adding the purple and
    spraying the letters black! Looks

    Merry Christmas!

    Flora Doora

  2. says

    I never would have thought to use purple..but you know what? I LOVE iet…this looks fantastic and very regal :) :) I like the subtlety of the purple ribbon, too :) :) Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family !!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. says

    I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas tree colors, but you would love the Mardi Gras trees and wreaths and every other kind of decorations that go up right after 12th night–green and gold and purple rule! Beads and shiny and glizty–many people take their Christmas ornaments off and replace them with Mardi Gras ornaments from Jan 6th right up until lent. Louisiana is a whole ‘nother culture!

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