2014 Goals {& 2013 Recap}

2014 Goals - An Oregon Cottage

Every year I like to review the previous year and make a new set of small, achievable goals for the next year – and share them all with you here on An Oregon Cottage (see 2010 goals here, 2011 here, 2012 here, and 2013 here). And while I enjoy having a record of each year’s goals and accomplishments, my main goal with these yearly posts is to encourage you.

How, you say? Well, first to spur you on to make your own goals so you, too, can see progress and purposefully make strides towards wherever you see yourself and your family in the future. But it’s also to encourage you to keep working towards goals even when you don’t meet them…for a couple years in a row! If I didn’t believe that it’s important not to give up, well, I probably wouldn’t even be blogging now, let alone making goals! So I invite you to make goals with me – and if you do and blog about it, leave a link in the comments so I can come and see yours.

Recap of Goals for 2013

  1. Finish the laundry room. DARN. Second year on the goal list and still not done. You think 3rd time will be the charm?
  2. Finish the chicken coop – and get chickens. DARN x 2. Can’t believe this isn’t done yet. Sigh.
  3. Continue to eliminate. YES! After refinishing our floors, I liked the cleaner look so much more that many things never made it back into the house. 2014 is going to see a BIG garage sale.
  4. Replace the crumbling (decorative) front fence. Alright, two things accomplished! You can see our cost-effective new fence here {and in the photo above}.
  1. Six-month emergency fund. ALMOST. We have 3 months now, which we feel great about! I think 2014 will see this fully funded, Lord willing.
  2. Pay cash for a trip to Greece.  SO exciting to have done this – you can read about our trip of a lifetime hereGreek food here and their beautiful gardens here.
  3. Replace 250,000 milage Jeep with newer vehicle that can still tow our vintage trailer with cash. Kinda happy to say that our Jeep is still going strong which is allowing our ‘new’ car fund to grow so we can afford a nicer car when the time comes!
  4. Continue to give generously.  Although I’m not really crossing this off our list, we were so blessed this past year to be able to do some wonderful things through our church and the missionaries we help support. Some of these things were because of your support of An Oregon Cottage – so thank you, friends!
  1. Expand online income to replace teaching income. I have been incredibly blessed with wonderful clients this past year after hanging out my Virtual Assistant shingle last January!!
  2. Complete the updating of posts needed from blog transfer. Not actually totally complete, but lots more done.
  3. Make a new system to track income for taxes. I faithfully used my spreadsheet each month, so I think tax time will go a lot smoother this year.
  4. Balance online work with real life. SORT OF. I tried a number of new systems this year, some paper and some digital and I seem to be somewhere in between – I love using an online calendar, reminders, and notes, but still like a daily pencil and paper checklist that I can cross off. So much satisfaction doing that, isn’t there?

And my word for 2013 was….CHANGE. I was thinking to embrace the changes in my work life, really, and the courage to change what I wasn’t happy about. Little did I know, however, that our entire family’s dynamic would be changed with the sudden diagnosis last January of my father-in-law’s brain cancer, fight, and subsequent death in June. As many of you know who’ve also been through things like this, there are good things to come out of it as well as the sad things. I’ve learned that change doesn’t have to be scary and that God is there all. the. time.

New Goals for 2014

  1. Finish the laundry room. Yep, don’t. give. up.
  2. Finish the chicken coop – and get chickens. Double that.
  3. Finish recovering Craigslist French chairs. I’m not even going to tell you how long these chairs have been waiting to be recovered. Hopefully putting them on the official list will git ‘er done.
  4. Complete the interior repainting process. Starting with the kitchen in 2012, and the living room when we refinished the floors in 2013, I only have the hallway cupboards, some door frames, and the living room shelves left. Whew.
  1. Six-month emergency fund. Our goal is to completely fund this account this year!
  2. Continue saving for our old Jeep replacement.
  3. Start saving for more travel – this time to Australia, maybe, to visit Brian’s cousins? Okay, this is admittedly a BIG dream, but, hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right? Greece was a dream for many years, too!
  4. Find ways to give above and beyond our normal amount each month.
  1. Write an eBook by committing to writing 1 hour (or 500 words) a day.Yes, this has been a goal for awhile, it just hasn’t been a priority. It needs to be this year.
  2. Create a home tour for the ‘Our Cottage’ tab. This is one of my most visited pages and it says ‘coming soon’…sigh.
  3. Create a comprehensive Organic Gardening page to house all our information in one place.
  4.  Create an editorial calendar for the blog that is planned out a 2 weeks to a month in advance. Yes, after almost 5 years of blogging, the night before posts are getting old. Think I can do this?





  1. says

    Jami- I’m glad to see I am not the only one who still writes posts the night before. Oh who I am kidding. I publish 85% of my posts 5 minutes after writing them. LOL!! I need to get with the program and create an editorial calendar, too. Australia sounds wonderful! And chickens! On my list for 2014 as well. Good luck!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for sharing your goals! Your post DOES inspire me to think about goals for myself and my music business. I found some goals I wrote last year, that I forgot I had written. Now I need to find a place I remember to look at them! And SO glad to hear you and Michelle sometimes write your posts shortly before publishing. One of my goals is to do my lesson planning before the day of my lesson! (Shhhh).

  3. says

    I love your goal of an Organic gardening page. You have so much knowledge to share – I continually learn from your posts.
    Have a blessed 2014 Jami!

  4. says

    This is so nice to read your accomplishments! It is funny my word this year is Change! I also have had the chicken on my list for 3 years! The coop is almost done, just need some finishing touches and the pen built. I’m in the process of elimination too, in fact donated a car load out of the garage yesterday. I did obtain several of my goals and look forward to writing down my new ones and checking off the completed ones! I had saved the emergency fund, and needed to use it this year while suffering medical issues. So now starts the process again, I thank God for continuing improvement, and meeting inspirational people like you. That’s for your inspiration!

    • says

      Oh my gosh, Kathy, that’s so amazing that we have such similar ideas and goals! Our coop, too, is almost done – we just need a couple of windows for ventilation and to shore it up against varmints. Let’s spur one another on to finish them this year and get those chickens! :)

      So sorry to hear about your medical issues! We had to use ours, too, when our son broke his neck in middle school and I don’t know where we would’ve been if we hadn’t had that, so it’s a great testimony to the need for those emergency funds (even though they’re a pain to fund, ha!).

      Thank you so much for YOUR inspiring words! :)

  5. says

    Congratulations on all you achieved this past year. We have many goals, but the biggest is to relocate to North Carolina to start looking for our farm.
    Continued blessings in the new year.

  6. says

    I have goals each year but do not post on a blog. My first goal of the year was met today by meeting a stitching group in my area and will stitch with them each saturday. Have a happy new year.

  7. Robyn says

    I am new to your blog and I totally just clicked on your ‘home tour’ tab – first thing :) Then I continued reading and saw your 2014 goal. Funny!

  8. Faren says

    First time commenter here! I love your goals.

    1) Find a way to garden outside of the limitations of a townhouse balcony and container gardening.
    2) Eat fresh, freeze, cook and freeze, and/or preserve the bounty of any food I grow this year from goal #1. Waste not, want not!
    3) Walk, jog or bike 600 miles. This number may seem arbitrary, but it is the distance from my house to where my sweetie lives in Montana. No, I’m not actually spending my year walking to Montana :) But it gives me a good visual of a long-range “journey” to complete!
    4) See a “1” as the leading number on the scale again for the first time since late 2006 or early 2007. I’m rather tall, almost 5’9, so my healthy weight range is higher than for many women (about 145-175lbs), and I was on the top end of that range when I graduated high school ten years ago. I have slowly (but ever so surely) creeped up the scale 6-8lbs a year for the last ten years. I’m sure you can do the multiplication! Eventually I’d like to get back to 160-175, maybe that is a goal for 2015, but for now I REALLY need to get out of the 200s. Thankfully, all of the first three goals should help!
    5) Go on adventures with my six-year-old son. Due to the shared parenting time schedule with his father, kiddo and I spend a lot of (busy, school and work and chores-packed) weekdays together, but we only get one weekend a month together. We too often waste it with Netflix and generally being lazy. No more!

    • says

      Faren, these sound like fabulous goals – meaningful and do-able. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share them. I’m cheering you on. :)

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