5-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

5th Anniversary Giveaway at An Oregon Cottage

Happy Anniversary to me – and to you, sweet AOC readers! If you read blogs (or are a blogger) you’ve probably heard bloggers who are celebrating a blog birthday go on and on about how never in a million years would they have thought they’d reach ______ (insert milestone here). Or that they could not have imagined how blogging would change their lives. Or about the amazing readers and great friendships that have impacted their lives.

But it’s all so TRUE. Sniff. Count me in with the crowd, then. I’m grateful for each and every one of you. Your comments make all the work worthwhile. Your visits to the blog and affiliate links help support our family and allow me to do something I truly love. Learning the ins and outs of blogging has given me more work as a virtual assistant to bloggers who’ve become dear friends.

Life-changing is an understatement.

Document Gift Wrap - An Oregon Cottage

As a small token of my appreciation and love, I’m holding a little giveaway of some fun things from one of my favorite catalogs, Ballard Designs (I guess I like them – I’ve copied their burlap message board here, wood shelves here, and beverage tags here!). I actually bought both of these items and LOVE them, which of course is why I thought many of you would, too (I am not affiliated with them, though – these are items I just love and want to share with you!).

This giveaway consists of 3 rolls of Ballard’s Document Gift Wrap, which has SO many uses besides just wrapping gifts! I’m using one roll as a photo backdrop (you can see it here), and I’ve used some of it for crafting some simple cards. In fact, I made a quick board on Pinterest to give you some ideas of the many ways you can use this type of French script paper – check it out here and follow me on Pinterest for even more diy and crafting inspiration.

Pheasant Feathers - An Oregon Cottage

The winner will also receive a set of 10 pheasant feathers from Ballard’s. I’ve been wanting these for while, just to be able to add some interest to an empty vase, in a wreath, or on a table setting. They’re not just for the fall – I’m using them now on a side table!

To enter, leave a comment telling me anything you’d like to about An Oregon Cottage and then complete the information in the Rafflecopter widget below. You can also earn extra entries, if you’d like, by following AOC on G+, FB, and Twitter. The giveaway will end at midnight on February 27th, after which I’ll email the winner, who’ll also be listed in the widget below (read more about our Giveaways/Sweepstakes Rules here).

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  1. says

    Dear Jami,
    Happy Anniversary, and thank you for the constant flow of wonderful ideas! I would enter your giveaway, but I’m in the process of downsizing to a Tiny House project, so instead I shall be happy to continue to ravage your blog for even more advice and project ideas. I make sourdough from an approximation of your recipe several times each week – my favourite version is 1/3 rye flour, 2/3 unbleached white. Feel free to check out my tiny house and cooking blog (above) if you get a chance! Cheers!

  2. linda says

    DEAR Jami,
    Happy anniversary!!! I’m so glad Faun told me about your blog a couple years ago when I was redoing our teenage daughter’s bedroom. I always read every word of every post :) and I get some many fun practical ideas from you!!! THANK YOU!!!! :)

  3. says

    I love this blog. I started weighing my garden produce for a yearly look back thanks to An Oregon Cottage. Have you ever seen the quote on Pinterest that says, “sometimes…I see someone’s pins & I think we could *totally* be friends”? I feel like we are kindred spirits. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Suz says

    Happy Anniversary! I especially enjoy the DIY projects; you do a great job of explaining them. AND I’ve used several recipes and love your gardening tips too; thanks!

  5. Heather says

    Happy Blogaversary! 5 years and I think I’ve been reading most of them :) Love all you do with canning and cooking and decorating. We don’t have a cottage or a cottage look, but I find so much of what you to do to be great inspiration and totally accessible! And I’m a huge cooking/canning/gardening person so those are always favorites! We love your roasted pasta sauce whichI tried pressure canning it this year with great success! Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished :)

    • says

      I’m SO glad to know that you find things here to be inspirational and accessible, Heather! That’s always what I aim for. :) And congrats on canning the sauce – awesome!

  6. Melody says

    Happy Anniversary! I am so happy to have found the blog about 6 months ago. I love the recipes and am looking forward to the Gardening 101. We have done an organic veggie garden for 4 years but last year the bugs and weather had me almost reaching for the chemicals. I look forward to revamping my layout and learning new tricks this year.

    Thank you!!!!!

  7. Mickey Louth says

    I actually only found you a few days ago. I forget what brought me over…something about canning or preserving no doubts and then I pinned the pizza sauce recipe. I liked what I saw and thought we had the same interests. So, congrats on 5 yrs!

  8. says

    What do I love about AOC? I love that it reminds me of my first trip to Oregon and the first time I saw the Pacific ocean, and the wonderful memories I made with friends and family. The wholeness of the food, the warmth of the wonderful summer sunshine, the shadow of the Mountains….the hospitality and friendliness, that feeling of home even when walking on the streets of Portland. Sharing you recipes and decorating ideas (esp. loved the V-day banner!!) helps me bring the people and place I love into my South Florida Home while my friends and family who claim OR as home can also enjoy the experience (say of biting into your double chocolate zucchini cookies) from across this wide country of ours. Thank YOU and here’s to the next 5 years!

  9. Erin Ellis says

    Happy Anniversary! I love reading your posts and your photos are so gorgeous! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  10. Heather says

    Happy Anniversary! You are so right about the feathers! They sure do pop! I have a knotty pine living room and they would go lovely in there! I also enjoy the recipes. Your so down to earth and real. Thanks for that! I’m so glad I found you!

  11. Sharon H says

    Happy 5th Blog Anniversary, Jami! I always look forward to getting your latest posts.
    What do I like about your blog? Well, I like that you are just like me….you enjoy doing lots of things…gardening, cooking, fixing up, decorating, just all kinds of things that interest you. I also like that you do down-to-earth things. No monumental undertakings. Everything you do is something that “I” could do…..and it doesn’t take a lot of money! I just wish I could garden for as many months as you can….SE Kansas won’t cooperate with me on that one!

  12. MaryB says

    Love your site! Especially the recipes and of course, there are always some great ideas to be found here. Congrats to you on 5 years.

  13. Belinda B says

    Jami, I enjoy your garden and fresh recipes. Reminds me of my grandmother and summer at her house. Congratulations hitting the five year mark!

  14. Lynne says

    I love your blog! I use it a lot when I am canning or freezing my CSA produce. My freezer has been full this winter of all the lovelies that I put up last summer – thanks to you! I also enjoy your decorating ideas and tutorials, as well as the yummy recipes! I only wish I had your green thumb so I could one day have a beautiful vegetable garden like yours. However, I was inspired to plant veggies in pots on my back porch last summer for the first time because of your blog. Thanks so much!!

    • says

      So glad to know I inspired you, Lynne, to try growing a bit of your own food – it’s a great feeling, no matter how big your space is, isn’t it? :)

  15. Shelley says

    Happy Anniversary–we’re celebrating with you. I never read one of your posts without coming away feeling inspired! Your ideas are so fresh and creative–and doable!

  16. says

    Happy Anniversary Jamie! Love your blog! I know you don’t know me, but I feel like we’re neighbors! I followed you because we live in Oregon state and have always wanted a cottage! Love Ballard too! I mostly window shop! We have an organic garden and have made recipes from you before! So Congratulations neighbor and thanks! ♥

    • says

      Thank you, Terri! And we are ‘virtual’ neighbors, aren’t we? We get to share as if the online world is like us talking over the back fence, ha!

  17. Carrie says

    I absolutely love this site for creative diy projects. You motivate me to be resourceful and creative. Thanks so much.

  18. Michele Laughlin says

    Happy Anniversary, Jami! You have been a huge inspiration to me- from your delicious recipes to your fantastic garden ideas, from your beautiful crafts to your wonderful design elements!

  19. Bridget Swahlen says

    Your crafts are truly inspiring and very beautiful. I have a bedroom to redo and can’t wait to use what I’ve learned from your posts. THANKS

  20. Karen8 says

    Hi, Jami,

    I enjoy your blog for many reasons, mostly because I too teach PreK! Thanks for lots of great tips and this giveaway!

  21. Karen Funk says

    I have enjoyed all the fun upcycling and recycling posts that have been emailed to me over the last year since I have been following your blog. Keep all the fun and functional ideas coming and thanks for all of them.

  22. Judy E says

    Happy Anniversary! I love your blog, thanks for writing all the wonderful posts! I’m moving to OR this summer, if our house sells, and I can’t wait. We’ll be looking on the southeast edge of Portland, near enough to my son and d-i-l for visits, but not quite in the city where they live. So excited!

    • says

      That is awesome, Judy! We lived on the SE side of Portland for 15 years, between the border of Ptld and Milwaukie – good memories there. :)

      • Judy E says

        Oh, that’s kind of where we may be looking, the Oak Grove or Oatfield area, or in the Happy Valley/Sunnyside area. We will just have to go up there and look at neighborhoods. I’m happy to hear you liked that area you were in. Thanks!

  23. Carol says

    I thank you for your great recipes. Your soups have been a welcome addition to our winter menus! And your advice about using a menu is already saving us money. I’m a new fan to your site – recently retired with more time to do things I love and your blog is now one of those things : )
    Keep those ideas coming!

  24. Rachel says

    Well, I found your blog a few years ago while looking for a recipe on google. Been a follower since!! Loved the patio make-over and and am so close to trying Ikea butcher block counters in our kitchen. Are they still holding up well? Thanks for getting the creative juices going!

  25. Mary Minkler says

    Jami, I am so happy for your 5-year Anniversary and want to say kudos for a job well done. I love checking into your blog a few times each week. My most recent favorite post has been the DIY knock-off of chalkboard napkin rings. I bought 4 ceramic napkin rings at Goodwill prior to Christmas, used your tutorial on making them into chalkboard napkin rings, then added family heirloom linen napkins to the mix–and presented them to a family member for a Christmas gift. They thought that the napkin rings were purchased from Crate and Barrel! They only cost me $1 for four of them — I’m going to do more of this for others in the family, then add family heirloom linen napkins with the rings. Perfect gift idea! Thanks for the inspiration and the easy how-to instructions. Speaking of gifts, you are one, too!

  26. Staci Torgerson says

    Happy Anniversary. My girls (7 & 9) are so thankful for An Oregan Cottage and all the great information on organic gardening we moved into a home last summer and have been waiting for the 1st of spring to start our new garden. They are actually much more involved and excited than I ever thought they would be. So thank you for keeping us in the know on how to get started and what to do.

    • says

      That is so refreshing, Staci, to read that your young daughters are so excited about growing a garden!! You are giving them such wonderful tools for their future!

  27. Julie says

    I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s almost a year and I have learned so much! I canned/bottled for the first time with reasonable success! We have enjoyed your roasted tomato sauce all winter, your spicy rhubarb pickle in sandwiches on cold meats with pate on toast! I tried recovering a footstool and on and on …. I almost feel like you are just a friend down the road! Thank you and long may it continue.

    • says

      Wonderful, Julie – so nice to read your success AND glad to know a friend down the road…in the UK! The internet is a wonderful thing for making the world a smaller place, isn’t it? :)

  28. Shelby says

    I am trying to remember how I came upon your blog, and I think it was the famous paper flooring post which I must have seen on pinterest! I poked around a little more, and have been following ever since! I love that post (still haven’t tried it!), your recipes, your garden and the way you point out the imperfections in your crafts so we will realize that even our favorite bloggers are human and that’s a good thing! It makes everything so much more doable when I know my decoration will still be usable if it isn’t completely perfect. Thanks Jami for sharing your life with us!

    • says

      Wow, Shelby, I absolutely love hearing that you are benefitting from one of the goals I have for this blog – a kind of ‘just do it’ attitude. Sounds like you are embracing imperfection – both mine and yours, ha!

  29. Brenda S. says

    Your blog posts are a breath of fresh air, with a burst of sunshine tucked in for good measure. I look forward to finding your latest post in my in box. So full of neat ideas and projects that I can actually do!! Your recipes inspire me and my family loves them. Thank you for all that you do to brighten our world. God Bless you!

  30. Erin says

    An Oregon Cottage is the only blog I find myself keeping up with lately. Your blog has a calming, soothing, down to earth feel. In my crazy busy life, it’s just what I need. Thanks for all you do!

  31. Marci says

    Congratulations Jami!
    I absolutely love everything about your blog. I love receiving your posts in my email. It’s almost like Christmas with the anticipation for what you are going to share with me next.
    Some of my favorites have been your thrift store makeovers and the genius diy items.
    I have immensely enjoyed your recipes and have used many of your preserving recipes with my garden produce from last summer.
    Keep up the good work! And as much as I love all your stuff, I am sure there are many, many more besides me.
    Enjoy your anniversary!

  32. Tonnie says

    I love all of your gardening and food preserving blogs, and love, love the recipes for the garden bounty. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.

  33. Melody says

    I was so thrilled to find out I was the winner and even more excited when the items arrived at home. They are so lovely. I put the features in a crystal vase and placed in our picture window. Still waiting to use the wrapping. thank you!!

    • says

      Great to hear they arrived safely and you’re enjoying them, Melody! Keep me updated with what you do with them (you can post pics to AOC’s Facebook wall!).

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