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Family photo Easter 2014 - An Oregon CottageAbout Jami

Hi and welcome to An Oregon Cottage! I am a former teacher (special ed & preschool), wife to Brian – my funny and easygoing other half – and a mother to a sweet teenage daughter and awesome college-aged son (eek!). Our family lives in a semi-rural area in the Willamette Valley where we’ve slowly been changing our 1982 ranch house into a farmhouse-style cottage.

Why a Cottage? Well, I love everything about a cottage (the small size, the warmth, the character), but especially what I like to call a ” cottage mentality,” which for me means living simply and embracing imperfections.

About An Oregon Cottage

I started An Oregon Cottage way back in 2009 as a way to share recipes, frugal tips, garden successes (and failures!), remodeling adventures and the joys of a simple life – always from the mindset of what I would’ve wanted to know when I was first starting our family and raising our kids.

Yeah. Waaaay before the internet.

Over the years, AOC has evolved into a DIY/Lifestyle blog emphasizing three main areas:

Gee, do you see a trend here? Everything you’ll find at AOC is do-able. For everyone.

Using lots of paint, some elbow grease, and wielding a cast iron pan (after I conquered my fear of it!), I share some of my passions: frugal DIY, simple crafts, thrift shopping, remodeling & home decorating, healthy cooking with real food (and the occasional over-the-top dessert, ’cause I’ve found that life-long weight control is through portion-control and moderation, not denial), growing flowers and vegetables and preserving those vegetables.

Brian also helps make both funny and informative videos for us, which are all found on our video page. Just get ready to laugh – a lot.

For me, one of the best benefits that I had no clue of when AOC began is the wonderful relationships I’ve made through this blogging thing. You guys make this an amazing experience. And I thank you for reading, commenting, and being a part of the community here. I can honestly say I would not still be blogging if it weren’t for you guys.

If you are new here, then I’m so glad you are joining us! My goal at AOC is to inspire and encourage you to make your house a home – without getting hung up on perfection or abilities. Whatever level you want to create things – whether it’s full-throttle make everything from scratch or just dipping your toes into cooking from scratch or creating a warm home environment – you’ll find something here that you can use.

Here are some key places to start exploring some of our past articles:

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I’d also love to hear from you! You can use the contact form here or email me at: anoregoncottage  at gmail dot com. Also be sure to follow me on Pinterest, InstagramTwitter, and Facebook – I love to connect with readers any way possible!

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