Announcement and Monday’s Menu

2013-goal-chairs Good morning – I hope you all had a great weekend! For me it was just so nice to be able to do whatever I wanted – or needed – to do after the last month of holiday activities.

My biggest achievement was conquering the mountain of recipes I had accumulated over the last year (again…sigh). They are now all filed in their respective binders and my resolution is to file them as I get them instead of letting a huge pile develop. And I’m absolutely not going to count how many times I’ve made that resolution. This is the year – and I’m counting on Pinterest to help – I’ll just keep all the recipes that look good there instead of in a pile on my kitchen counter. How do you like to keep track of your favorite recipes?

Are you wondering about the announcement I mentioned in the title? Well – it has to do with a few of the goals I mentioned last week, as well as the word I’ve chosen for 2013: change. Two of  my blogging/business goals will result in a few changes around here that I wanted to let you know about. Both replacing income and balancing work and family will require one important thing: time. In order to find that time I’m going to scale back a bit on here on the blog, and the biggest change will be the end of Monday’s Menu even though it brings me a fair amount of traffic each week. Besides time, these thoughts entered my decision:

  • There are almost four years of weekly menus here at AOC, so there are lots of ideas and inspiration for eating seasonal, whole foods that are simple and inexpensive. By the way, these are very easy to find – click the “Categories” tab on the welcome box in the sidebar and scroll down to “weekly menus.” Then simply choose the menus according to season.
  • I’m compiling the best menus into ebooklets (look for the free Winter edition soon!) and they will be combined into a larger ebook after all four seasons have been published.
  • I’m actually a bit bored with the Monday’s Menu post and would like to focus on the main three areas of the blog: DIY, recipes, and gardening.

As for posting, here’s what I’m thinking for the coming year (which of course is always open to change…)

  • Tuesdays: Garden  (gardening tips, updates, and the Tuesday Garden Party
  • Thursdays: DIY (all home/furniture, etc. makeovers; any Thrift Store Transformations will move to this day from Tuesdays)
  • Fridays: Recipe (anything food related counts as well as regular recipes)

I’ll leave Wednesdays open and if there’s a giveaway, review, or something I just want to share with you all, it will be on that day. I hope this sounds good to you guys and that you understand – please let me know your thoughts in the comments if you any. Wait. That didn’t sound right – I know you all have thoughts (and probably way more profound than this!), just if you have any about these changes (grin).

MPM-Winter-12So here we are at the last Monday’s Menu, and like most Januarys it has us eating a bit from the pantry and trying to use up things left over from the holidays (like the extra turkey I bought during the sales that we will have this month). Plus lots of soups and oven meals like baked pasta and chicken – I’m cold most of the time, brrr.

Monday– Ham & Potato Chowder, Sourdough Artisan Bread, Salad

TuesdayRoasted Chicken & Root Vegetables, sauteed corn (frozen from the garden), salad

WednesdayChicken-Vegetable Curry (using leftover chicken), brown rice

ThursdayBaked Ziti (or penne, or whatever), green salad with cranberries and feta

Friday– Baked salmon, Parmesan Rice Cakes (using leftover rice), roasted vegetables

SaturdayHomemade Greek-style Pizza

Sunday– Leftovers



  1. Tami says

    I love your blog…it is my favorite! I am thankful for whatever you have time to bring to us and pray you can use your blog to replace your teaching income. No complaints here!

  2. Jean N. says

    Jami, I’ll miss your Monday Menu posts each week – I’m not a DYI’er or gardener, so the other weekly posts, while interesting, aren’t the ones I enjoy the most. I also enjoy the little peek into your world on Mondays – who’s having a special birthday dinner, family gatherings, or what activities you have planned, so I’ll miss those. That said, I completely understand why this is a good blog activity to drop. I’ll just have to check out your Pinterest recipe boards more often!

    • Jami says

      Ugh, Jean, I think the same thing! I’m SO glad you let me know your thoughts, ’cause even though I’m bored with writing my menu each week, I do like the opportunity it brings to just “talk” with you all without any type of agenda. To be honest, I’m still a bit conflicted about dropping it, but I just don’t see another way to find the time I need. :( Do you use Facebook? I’m hoping to post updates over there more about things that are happening in my life as well as the blog. And I’ll probably be using the optional Wednesday post to give updates as well as other things I’d like to share with you all. It’s actually going to be hard to keep to only 3 posts a week – I usually have a bunch of stuff I want to add! We’ll just have to see how this goes… :)

  3. says

    Hi Jami,
    I always love reading what you have to offer. I too will miss the casual conversation and insight that accompanies your Menu plans (not a FB person, no matter how hard I try, I just don’t keep up with it). But I completely understand needing to shift priorities. I look forward to gardening season starting up, I missed last year because we were trying to sell our house over the summer, but I’m eager to start this year! Thank you for all your work.

  4. says

    I understand about needing to switch things up. It’s good for creativity.

    I keep our family recipes in a binder. You can find it on my blog. I tend to make the same things, but my family likes it that way, so I’m good with it. I do plan to use the crock pot more.

    Best wishes in meeting your goals for this year! I’ll be reading!

  5. Crystal says

    I love your posts. I have wanted to start gardening and am especially looking forward to Tuesdays gardening blog. I’m just glad you will still be blogging :)

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