April Seedling Update {TGP}

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see how my seedlings fared after our dog went on his wild rampage. No? Well – at least a teeny bit curious? By the way, thanks to your comments we realized that it was probably a mouse that Samson was trying to get! I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to us sooner, as we do have field mice who often visit (remember this freak-me-out post from long ago?). We set a trap, and although we haven’t caught anything, I searched for droppings and found a few – which is good enough for me. I’m just glad he’s not turning into a different dog on us! Oh – and no other incidences, thankfully.

tomato seedlings 4-2-13

So far, so good. The tomatoes are actually looking pretty healthy. I’m right on track according to the Organic Gardening Checklist, having transplanted them last week to larger 4-inch pots. They’ll stay in these pots until I plant them out in early May under the row cover I use to give them a slight headstart.

And there are a few markers left in some of the pots – but here’s the catch: they might not actually be the right one. Most fell out when Samson knocked them over, but some were left in and a few got put back – helpfully ? – by Brian. Only time will tell. Hey! It’s going to make for a fun gardening season, isn’t it?

sad tomato seedlings

I actually only have one that looks like it might not make it, plus the one that I lost in the doggie mess – so that’s not bad at all. Bullet dodged.

pepper seedlings 4-2-13

I’m really pleased with the peppers, too. They take about a week longer to sprout than the tomatoes and since I don’t plant them until late May, I start them at the same time as the tomatoes. More of these lost their labels. Again, fun times ahead.

sad pepper seedling

I have lost a couple, though, but was able to transplant an extra seedling when I moved these to bigger pots. Oh, and here’s a do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do tip: if you run out of bagged soil and go out to the garden to fill in with compost and soil, you’ll also bring in pill bugs and other bugs that will chew on the tender seedling leaves. Duh.

cool weather seedlings 3-13

Here are the cool-weather seedlings I hardened off a few weeks ago and planted this last weekend. For some reason, I could not get the spinach to sprout, dumb stuff. And the cabbage/cauliflower/broccoli seedlings were the worst hit from the dog. I lost about half. Hopefully, I won’t lose the half I planted to the rampant slugs…arrrrgggggh. You literally can not get plants or seedlings to grow to maturity here without slug and snail bait. Ain’t gonna happen.

Do you have issues with slugs?

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  1. Beth says

    Jami – Your seedlings look strong and healthy – you’d never know that you’d dodged distaster. Ah, but isn’t that what makes each and every gardening season memorable?

    • says

      Yes, Dee, that would be a problem. We can use salt where we don’t care about the soil – but the slugs don’t usually hang out in those areas, ha!

  2. Julie says

    Your seedlings are way ahead of mine they look really good. And you will have lots of fun discovering which variety is which come summer time! As for slugs we leave out jam jars with beer in them slightly buried in the soil. The slugs can’t resist! Then they can’t escape :(

    • says

      Some people really like using the beer traps like you, Julie. Unfortunately, they’ve never worked well for me, simply because the rain dilutes it so quickly, overflowing it. Plus, dumping them is so disgusting. :) How do you deal with the rain issue in the traps?

      • Julie says

        Here in uk you can buy a proper little slug trap they cost about £1 and they come with an open lid but my husband made me some lids from aerosol plastic lids and plastic cups he cut away two sections of the cups and slotted them on the jars once they are partially buried in soil. Keeps the rain out but the contents are still disgusting!

        • says

          Oh, that is clever – sort of a little plastic tent over the traps, right? Hmmm, may have to try something like that in the flower beds!

  3. says

    Your seedlings are way ahead of mine! Between new grandchild, taxes, Easter, and cold and wet this has been a year without spring it seems like. But I’m feasting on weeds (which are doing well without any help at all from me 😉 – I linked up a post on chickweed pesto.

  4. Sue says

    Your seedlings look great. I just planted my seeds indoor for the first time ever. I hope that they grow as good as yours. I planted onion plants outside yesterday. Never did onions before. We’ll see what happens! Good luck.

  5. shelby says

    We don’t have trouble with slugs where I live now, but when I was a kid, we would put and old aluminum pie pan with it’s top edge level to the ground then pour in a can of beer. It worked really well!

  6. says

    Ug. Who likes slugs? We keep somewhat on top of them by employing child labor- five cents per snipped slug. The kids really raked in some cash last year!

  7. says

    Looks like you will have some fun surprises ahead when you plant! We are having a lot of yard work done this year, so I am anxious to get the fence done so that I can start with the garden.


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