Asparagus Experiment Update

Here’s a quick update on the Great Asparagus Experiment (I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breaths…):

  • The first week of June I stopped harvesting bed #1 so it could produce it’s ferns.
  • Just yesterday, during this last week of June, I cut down the ferns from bed #2. In the picture above, bed #1 is on the left with young, tall ferns growing and part of bed #2 is on the right, trimmed and awaiting new spears.
  • According to the article I have, I should be able to start harvesting this bed when the spears are big enough (about a week) and will be able to harvest for 6-8 weeks.

But here’s what the article didn’t say:
Cutting down the ferns that have been growing for months takes a lot of work! They are like little trees and some were too big for my hand clippers. Seriously, it took more than 30 minutes just to cut a little section down and drag the mini-trees to the compost. Ugh.

The verdict so far? I’m definitely leaning towards doing this only for spring and fall harvests and not trying to get a summer harvest, too.

And when it comes time to cut down the ferns for bed #3? I’m contemplating attacking them with a chainsaw or hedge-trimmer. What do you think would work best?






  1. KAT says

    Chainsaw – I have my hubby hack down my ornamental grasses for me using the chainsaw and it’s quick and easy compared to me spending more than an hour on one clump the prior year!

  2. says

    I’d suggest those high leverage bolt cutters… easy and simple.. or for something less “manly” how about a battery operated Dremel tool or other simple rotary cutter?

    I’ve actually been anxiously awaiting this report.. I’ve dedicated space and will be putting about 30 crowns in this year.


  3. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Todd- Wow, 30 crowns! You like asparagus, huh? :-) I started with 20 crowns- 10 green and 10 purple – but I lost some and never got them replaced, so I have about 15, which keeps us nicely supplied.

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