The Beauty Of A Sunset

Sometimes our children say and do things that embarrass us or make us cringe. But most of the time they are a source of joy, amazement, and pride.
Like last night when my daughter asked me to look at these pictures she had just taken of the sunset. I told her she had gotten some nice ones and then she said,
“You know, mom, you should do a post on these to make sure people know that with all the rain you’ve been complaining about, it’s still beautiful in Oregon.”
Ah. I guess I’ve been complaining enough.
Not only is the sunset beautiful, but there is green everywhere. The fir trees are almost completely chartreuse with all the new growth they’re putting out. The flowers are blooming, and the lettuce, onions, and peas seem to like the coolness and rain.
It will warm up, and I promise here and now to NOT complain about the heat later.
I’m sure my daughter would call me on it if I did, anyway.

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    Beautiful sunset! Yes, Oregon is beautiful (I am in the Portland Metro area) and I was just reminded by my husband that by July we will be wishing for some rain….I too have been complaining about the cold rain for the month of May. We just got spoiled 2 weeks ago when it was so sunny and warm.

  2. says

    I’m a bit tired of the cold weather too. It sounds like maybe, possibly, hopefully, we are in store for some summerlike weather soon. All of my fingers are crossed.

    Your daughter is a wise little critter to appreciate the small beauties!

  3. says

    Beautiful pictures your daughter took. I would love to see Oregon some day. I grew up in Texas and live in Missouri now but I have never been to the northwest part of America. Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    She picked that fairly well, about things appear in dualism, good and not so good wrapped together. But sunset is always beautiful…. ~bangchik

  5. says

    Beautiful sunset pics and yes, I agree with your daughter. I’ve given up complaining about the rain. I’m sure when it goes from 55 to 90, we’ll wish there was more days like this!

  6. says

    Your daughter took some pretty photos! My son took some photos the other day of the clouds…i will have to post them. :)

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