Simple, Refreshing Berry Parfait (or Fool)

Simple Berry Parfait

As I mentioned in the garden post I did a couple days ago, berries are probably my favorite fruit and this simple berry parfait (or fool) dessert is something I look forward to in the summer when berries are in season. Isn’t it funny that many of these simple fruit-whipped cream desserts are called ‘fools?’ I love it – do you think someone at one time was foolish over it? Or made a fool of themselves over it? Maybe fooled others? The origins of names fascinate me, even though we mostly think of them as parfaits now.

We had this last night after a meal of chef’s salads and artisan bread. Out on our deck. Wearing shorts. After jumping in the river to cool off. Maybe that’s why this always reminds me of summer. Refreshing? Yes.

And berry parfaits are also simple to make, use a only a couple of real ingredients, and take only a few minutes to pull together, especially if the berries are from your backyard (or someone else’s that will share with you!). It’s very adaptable, too – you can use any mixture of berries you want (I am using raspberries and marionberries this time).

Adding Sugar to Bowl-Berry Parfait

I always add the sugar and the cream at the same time when making sweetened whipping cream. I’ve never had a problem with it whipping, but I know people like to do this different, and that’s OK. Use powdered sugar, add it after whipping- it’s completely up to you. Doesn’t it feel nice to have a little control over something every now and then?

whipping cream-berry parfait

Whip the mixture until stiff, but we don’t want butter, here, so watch it towards the end.

making a berry parfait

Now this is the part that seems so decadent. Grab a nice wine glass, not just some old bowl. Come on, I know we’re just going to sit out on the deck with the same people we sit with all the time, but you will enjoy this in a glass, I promise!

Add a layer of berries on the bottom, then layer some whipped cream. Repeat layers, saving three or four berries to decorate the top. I usually make these just before dinner, then put them in the fridge to be brought out at the end of the meal.

Voila! Summer in a glass. To be eaten with anyone – or even just yourself.


Simple Summer Berry Parfait

  • 3-4 cups berries
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  1. Wash and prepare berries.
  2. Whip cream with sugar until stiff.
  3. Layer in a glass beginning with berries, then whipped cream. Repeat once more, saving a few berries to decorate the top layer of whipped cream.

Makes 4 servings


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  1. says

    This looks delicious! I would probably end up using ready-made whip, ’cause I’m lazy that way, but thanks for the recipe! Mmmn, now I want to go get some fresh berries!

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