Blog Helper {Virtual Assistant}

jami-headshot.250 Welcome to my Virtual Assistant/Blog Helper page!

If you’re here then you’re thinking about hiring someone to help you gain that one thing we can’t make more of: time. And by handing off to me the mundane and repetitive tasks that come with running a successful blog you can free up your time to do the things most important to you.


Here are some specific ways I can ease your load:
  • Basic blog management (comments, spam, updating galleries, etc.)
  • Content help (proofreading, photo editing, etc.)
  • Email management
  • Social media scheduling/management
  • Newsletter management
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Online research and even content creation, if you’re looking for that
  • eBook editing/proofreading and formatting
Here are a few of my skills and abilities:
  • In my previous life, I was a teacher and hold a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education. In that capacity I had to be organized, creative and work well with the children, their parents and the school district.
  • My current blogging vocation has provided me with the basis to learn not only more about computers (and the dreaded html), but also two blogging platforms (Blogger and WordPress), basic Photoshop, photo editing and optimization, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and develop an “eye” for what a good blog looks like and offers to it’s readers.
  • I am creative and organized. I get a thrill out of organization and love helping others.
  • I can work off of specific to-do list as well as being proactive – once a system is set in place, I can happily continue it on my own.
  • I like to think I am a quick learner, but more importantly I know how to find the answers to things I’m unsure of through contacts and our friend, Google.
How to work with me:

We can work together through emails or Skype (or by phone when needed, but I prefer the others) during normal work hours (9-5, PST). You can hire me by the hour for specific projects or hire a block of time to be dedicated to your tasks and/or projects throughout the month. Examples of this would be paying _____ each month for me to schedule your social media for each week or for email upkeep.

All payments are to be made up-front via PayPal (which accepts credit and debit cards, and you don’t need to have an account to pay). I keep track of all my time and will provide that if you need an accounting at the end of each month or project.

Interested? I’d love to work with you! Email me at or use my blog’s contact form and put “VA Work” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you!