Book Page Ornament Tutorial: Accordion-Fold Rosette

Fanned bk pg. ornament

Ornaments made from vintage book pages seem to be pretty popular. There are many different kinds I’ve seen, and I made a few this year to add to our Christmas decorations. I like them all, but my favorite is this Rosette Ornament I made with accordion folds.

You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with Christmas ornaments made from vintage book pages. Some old books (mine were free!), a glue gun, a bit of white glue, a bit of glitter, and some paper scraps or buttons for the center. Certainly were talking just pennies, here.

Since there’s not a lot of money involved, they must take a lot of time, then, huh? Nope- 5 to 10 minuites, tops.

Let’s get going, then!

1. Pick a book that has pages as big as you’d like your finished rosette. I wanted these on the tree so I used a small novel from the 1950s. I used large pages as window hanging rosettes and medium sized pages for the mantle.

2. Tear out one page and cut it in half.

3. Accordion-fold each half and then fold in half (as pictured) to mark the centers of each.

4. Use a long piece of white thread to tie the two halves together at the fold points and knot securely. I left the tails of the thread to use for the hanger, though it would be easy to punch a small hole and use narrow ribbon. I didn’t want to have noticeable hangers, so the thread was perfect.

5. Hot glue two sides of the fans together, but leave two sides unglued for now (in the photo above, I’m holding one of the sides together as the glue dries- do that with the other side and proceed to trimming the edges before gluing the last sides).

Of course, you can leave the edges of the rosette like this- just as they came out of the book.

6. But by simply holding the fan together and rounding the tops with scissors,

…the edges look much nicer. They have more of a finished look to them and give the rosette more detail and definition.

7. Once both sides are trimmed, glue the remaining two sides together with hot glue, creating the finished rosette.

8. The glitter step is optional, as well, but again- it looks more “complete” with the glittered edges. I simply poured some Elmer’s glue onto an old lid from the recycling bin.

9. Then I rolled the edges of the rosette in the glue…

… and then rolled the glued edges in a little pile of glitter.

My daughter and I were making a bunch, so we set them aside to dry at this point. They’re really not that wet, so you could immediately finish them up with the following steps before letting them dry if you’re only doing one or two.

10. Add the finishing touch by gluing a decoration for the center. Here I used a circle I cut out from a sheet of glitter scrapbook paper, topped with a glittered star (for the window ornaments where both sides would be seen, I glued the same decoration to both sides).

I also used shell buttons for the centers of some and plain black, glittered scrapbook paper circles for others.

This is where you could get creative and layer different colors of papers, or coordinate with a colored-glittered edge. I wanted to leave them neutral and play off the colors in the book pages themselves, so I kept it pretty simple.

11. Finally, I simply glued the long thread I kept attached to the center up one of the fans on the back. When it was dry, I tied the ends together and hung them up.

It would be fairly simple to punch a small hole in the top of one of the fans and thread gold or silver cording (or another color) through as a hanger as well. It all depends on the look you are going for.

I hope you get a few minutes to make these this season- they also look beautiful adorning wrapped boxes and gift bags.

I’d love to hear if you’ve made these and how you’ve used them!




I’m sharing this at DIY Show Off Holiday Highlights and Inspiration for the Season.


  1. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    What a lovely idea! I would like to make more of the ornaments for more of a statement on the tree…one day. :-)

  2. Angela @ Cottage Magpie says

    Yay! It’s the holidays! I’ve been waiting all year to try this project after I saw it last year on your blog. So cute! I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I was thinking — you might want to link this up to our linky party we have going on — inspiration for the season! Or if you have other posts, we are encouraging people to link up to three posts. Let me know!



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