Burlap Jewelry Organizer

Tuesday Thrift Store Transformation For the inaugural edition of Tuesday Thrift Store Transformations (TTST when I get tired of writing the whole thing…), I thought I’d share with you how I’m actually using the .99 bulletin board that I made into a DIY Ballard Designs Monogram Burlap Message Board (featured in the 31 Days series).

I decided to change the ribbon and then hung it in my bathroom as a burlap jewelry organizer:


I felt the black ribbon was a bit too stark for our yellow-cream-white-and-green bathroom, although I think the monogram looks fine. A simple switch to a cream grosgrain and all is well in my color-coordinated world. I know – blech – but I can’t help it.

I had actually been thinking for years of how to tastefully organize my jewelry so the pieces would be easier to find as well as not be all tangled together like the typical jewelry box. And as pretty as some organizers are, it just seemed a bit cluttery to me in our bedroom to have a bunch of hangers or frames full of jewelry on the wall.

But when I finished this message board and realized I didn’t have a place (or a need) for a message board, I started looking all around our house to see where I could use it – or else it was going to be a gift.

For someone else whose name starts with a “J.”  A-hem.


Total light-bulb moment when I walked into our master bath and the empty wall space above our toiletries cabinet jumped out at me. It was the perfect size for this wall and was a place where not many people would see it.

With the addition of a few long pearl-topped stick pins to hold necklaces and bracelets the board was able to hold all the jewelry I wanted to access – and there’s even space left over for more I might add in the future. The weave of the burlap makes it easy to add hanging earrings anywhere.

I’ve seen burlap jewelry boards a lot of places on the internet and many use knobs and pulls to hold the jewelry, but this is simple and uses what I had and, well, works for me.

Hopefully I’ll actually wear this jewelry now that I can easily find it!

How do you organize your jewelry? {click to comment}


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  1. says

    How do I organize my jewelry — umm, in a big ole wad in a jewelry box on my dresser.

    My skin has become more and more sensitive over the years and now so much gives me rashes that I tend to avoid wearing much, if any — not that I ever was much of a jewelry wearer. But I did used to wear lots of earrings — but I started having bad reactions to them and now the holes have closed. I’ve been debating whether to re-pierce over the past couple of years.

    • Jami says

      Wow, Diana, I seriously didn’t know that the holes could close after having been there for years (I’m assuming you had them for years…). I was really just wearing the same studs all the time since it was such a hassle to change out earrings, so I’m really loving having them at my fingertips – only takes a few seconds to find and pair and put them on – woot!

  2. Deb says

    I have all my jewelry in one of those big jewelry armiores ( obviously spelt wrong:-) I love the burlap idea. I didn’t realize this piece was as big as it is when you first showed us ow to make it. I love it and it looks perfect where you have it hung:-)

    • Jami says

      The more I use it, the more I’m liking it, Deb! I’ve never had a place like yours for jewelry, but I really like how this is right where I can get to it and that things are so easy to take on and off the board.

  3. Sakura says

    How do I organize my jewelry – I don’t. It’s in every nook and cranny of my bedroom, office and living room.

    Guess I’ll put that on my list of to do’s this weekend! I am going to make the cute jewelry hanger for my daughter, it is perfect for her extra long necklaces she likes to wear.

  4. says

    Cute idea! I actually have a big floor jewelry box I got for Christmas a few years ago. Ha ha…I only use the top drawer and the necklace hangers, though. :)

  5. Nicole Batchelor says


    I was wondering what kind of hooks you used to hold your necklaces.

    Thanks for your time,


    • says

      I just use the large pearl-tip straight pins (I think they’re made for corsages?) – easy and holds 3-4 necklaces each!


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