Teen Daughter’s Bedroom Reveal

BeforeLast week I shared how we were in the throes of a mini-room makeover for our daughter while she was away visiting her grandparents. While it wasn’t as involved at the makeover our son’s room received ( nor was it a surprise) there was still a lot of labor involved. In fact, we are still […]

The Pew Project

Today I had planned to show you the “before and after” of the pew I need to restore. Problem is, it’s still sitting in the garage waiting for someone to do something with it. Anyone raising their hand? No? I guess that just leaves me. Sheesh, where does all the time go? Although to be […]

Collecting Original Artwork and a Video

I’ve always been drawn to amateur paintings at thrift stores and garage sales. Maybe it’s because I can’t paint worth a dime, but I like to think it’s because I find them pretty and I’m “rescuing” them from the trash pile. Not to mention that they are as close to owning “original artwork” as I’m […]

Vintage Mirror Before and After

vintage green round mirror6

I bought this vintage mirror at a yard sale about six years ago. I loved the shape and carving, so I paid $30 – a lot for me at garage sales. But I’ve never been in love with the gold painted finish. Some of the gold was really gaudy in places and the person who had […]

The Floor Failure (Not!)

June 2010 update: It did work!! I just didn’t wait long enough for the poly to dry- after waiting the recommended time before adding furniture, most of the wrinkles were smoothed out and the ones left were just part of the effect. See the room makeover reveal where my son says “the cool floor is […]

Before and After: Lighting {Old Fixtures Become New}

brass lamp

We are in the process of redecorating our son’s room which we are documenting with a video camera to share with you all next week. In the meantime, I had to share some pictures of the solution to the lighting problems in the room. The lighting in this room was either cheap-looking or really dated. […]

Living Room Makeover Continued: The Foot Stool

After doing the first part of the living room makeover, continuing onto the bookshelves, and bringing the entryway into the same scheme, it’s time for the foot stool we use as a coffee table to receive a facelift. Sometimes I’m seduced by magazines and catalogs that have wonderful, chunky wood coffee tables in front of […]

A Clutter Challenge Update

I made some good progress towards my goal of ridding our house of 356 “cluttery” things in 2010. I’ve now gotten rid of almost 100 items! Of course, many of those were old books stacking up. We’ll see how it goes now that our bookshelves are looking bright and airy. Two things in the last […]