Inspiring DIY Ranch Remodel

An Inspiring One Woman DIY Ranch House Remodel - what one woman has done with paint, a few tools, Pinterest, and lots of imagination.

Remember when I shared about my visit with my friend, Vicki, and her adventures in remodeling that I promised to share with you? Today’s the day and are you ever in for an inspiring, diy treat! The best part about this is that everything she’s done to update her 50s-era rancher are do-able things any […]

Simple Burlap Valentine Banner Wreath

Sweet and Simple Burlap Valentine Banner Wreath

Is this burlap Valentine banner wreath too simple? I’m not sure you can get too simple – sometimes I get the best inspiration for something in my own home from others simple projects. I’ve been seeing lots of Valentine wreath ideas on Pinterest over the last few weeks, but I’m not much of a pink, […]

Painting With An Inexpensive Handheld Paint Sprayer

Review: Painting with An Inexpensive Handheld Painter Sprayer - An Oregon Cottage

Note: This was originally published in September of 2011, born out of my excitement over finding a “cheap” sprayer that made painting things like chairs easier (aka, this was NOT a sponsored post). I constantly get Google traffic from it, for the same reasons I tried it in the first place – you want to […]