Our Nativity Memory & Tradition

Holiday Nativity Memories- An Oregon Cottage

As you all know, I love sharing about home, family, and special traditions. Oh, I know it seems like just decorating, recipes and gardening around here, but all those things happen for one reason only: I want to love on my family. How I do that is by preparing them good, healthy food (some of which I […]

My Favorite Baking Tools & Ingredients

Tried-and-True Favorite Baking Tools & Deals from An Oregon Cottage

I love baking for the holidays! Homemade treats are such a special way in our busy, buy-everything world that I can show my love to family and friends by taking the time to make quality goodies each year. It, of course, has become a tradition – along with certain items that MUST appear in the […]

Friday Photos 10.10.14

October Anemone and Asters - An Oregon Cottage

Can you all believe it’s October and the holidays are right around the corner? Seems like we were just talking all things summer. At least we had a wonderfully warm summer here in the Willamette Valley, so I’m ready for some cozy fall days snuggled under a throw in front of a warm fire (which […]

A Little Weight Update

Weight Loss Update - An Oregon Cottage

Since writing the series about my life-long issues with weight a few years ago and then sharing with you how the extra weight finally came off when I started eating real foods and practicing portion control, I’ve gotten a number of requests for a weight update. Which is basically just asking for an answer to this question: […]

Saying Goodbye To Our Vintage Trailer

1957 Dalton Canned Ham Trailer Wood Screen Door - An Oregon Cottage

This last weekend we sold our little vintage trailer we’ve had for 10 years that I wrote about here – the trailer that saw our family through many camping trips and vacations (like this and this). I LOVE that little trailer – the sweet little shape, the wood interior, the compactness that still held everything […]

Friday Photos 8.22.14

Summer Rain on Hydrangea - An Oregon Cottage

It’s Friday Photos, August edition! How’re you all doing this fine August day? As you can see from the photo above, we’ve had a bit of rain here and there in the last few weeks, but nothing like we can sometimes have here in the Pacific Northwest – we’ve been BLESSED with wonderful summer weather. […]

Easily Make a Replacement Cappuccino Carafe

Easily Make Your Own Home Cappuccino Replacement Carafe - An Oregon Cottage

Here’s yet another guest post from Brian (sheesh, you think he wants to take over here?). Oh, and can you tell we like our daily coffee? As you all probably know by now, one of the first things I do every morning is stumble into the kitchen to make macchiatos (which are like cappuccinos, but […]