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A Simple, Easy Workout Routine {Plus A Free Printable}

Simple, Easy Workout Routine + Free Printable

Note: This was originally published in June of 2012 as part of my real food weight loss story. I shared with you my simple and effective exercise routine that has been something that I’ve managed to do pretty faithfully since then (take that all you old workout videos/DVD’s!). Like everything I share with you on AOC, […]

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Three Things 1.24.15 – Painting Tip, Perfect Travel Mug, True Story Behind a Sweet Baby Picture & More!

Grandma's Christmas Cookie List

Thank you for your response (email, social media, and here) to this new Saturday 3 things post! I’m glad you think it’s fun, ’cause I’m already getting a kick out of collecting my list throughout the week to share with you. It’s funny, I don’t really feel like it’s “just another post” that I have […]

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Three Things 01.17.15

Handmade Christmas Gift Joy

Welcome to the first of our weekly ‘Three Things” posts (one of my blogging goals for 2015) where I get to share some of the things that make me happy, a peek into my week, and a few of AOC’s most popular posts from the previous week (this is always interesting to me!). I have […]

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Free AOC eBook With DIY Bundle Purchase

An Oregon Cottage Top 10 Posts of All Time…So Far!

The 10 most viewed posts from An Oregon Cottage including classics like the original brown paper flooring, soft WW sandwich bread and preserving recipes.

While going through our analytics to compile AOC’s popular posts that were written in 2014, I couldn’t help but create another list with our top 10 posts of all time, since a few of these popular posts were surprising to me and the others are true AOC classics. I will be celebrating 6 years of […]

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An Oregon Cottage’s Top Ten Posts of 2014

A Little Weight Update- losing and keeping weight off with real food

It’s time to revisit some of the posts you loved the most this last year! I hope you’re not too tired already of seeing “top ten” posts, because I gain a lot of insight by taking the time to see what you all are finding useful from AOC and I hope new readers can see […]

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Free AOC eBook With DIY Bundle Purchase

Natural Healing Through Turmeric for Dogs

Our Story and Video of the Natural Healing of Turmeric For Dogs

Do you all remember a few years ago when I shared how turmeric had healed our dog’s hip/leg issues? I was pretty excited to share this natural healing story with you, because it was (and still is) an amazing thing to us. In the time since publishing that article we’ve gotten lots of questions (as […]

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Our Nativity Memory & Tradition

Holiday Nativity Memories- An Oregon Cottage

As you all know, I love sharing about home, family, and special traditions. Oh, I know it seems like just decorating, recipes and gardening around here, but all those things happen for one reason only: I want to love on my family. How I do that is by preparing them good, healthy food (some of which I […]

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My Favorite Baking Tools & Ingredients

Tried-and-True Favorite Baking Tools & Deals from An Oregon Cottage

I love baking for the holidays! Homemade treats are such a special way in our busy, buy-everything world that I can show my love to family and friends by taking the time to make quality goodies each year. It, of course, has become a tradition – along with certain items that MUST appear in the […]