Apple Day 2011!

We had a lovely break from our rainy weather last Saturday, which made our annual apple picking and pressing day a wonderful, fun event. I’m sure it would’ve been fun in the clouds and rain but, oh, did that sun feel great. We have not seen nearly enough of it this summer and fall. Most […]

The Family Traditions “Master List”

Here it is (better late than never…), the “Master List” of family tradition ideas compiled from not only my Family Traditions Series, but also readers who left comments and emailed ideas to me. There are some great ideas here! If you need inspiration to start new traditions for your family, this is it. If you’re […]

Apple Day

I mentioned yesterday that last weekend was our family’s annual “Apple Day.” My extended family all gather to collect and pick apples from where ever we can find them. There’s only one rule: they have to be free. You can see I came by frugality naturally. Though to be honest, what we need the apples […]

Holiday Traditions

See the other parts of this series for:Why traditions are importantTraditions around the tableWeekly traditionsOnce-a-year traditions In some ways it’s much easier to establish traditions around holidays. There are usually plenty of family gatherings and planned activities. Actually, there are often too many things. I think the real challenge for holidays is creating some special […]

Our Top Five Yearly Family Traditions

While traditions around the table and activities done weekly will be remembered as a whole, the things we do as a family, and many times extended family, only once a year are remembered in a much different light. Maybe because they are usually out of the realm of every-day life. These yearly activities are anticipated […]

Weekly Family Traditions

In part one of this series (why traditions are important) and part 2 (traditions around the table)I’ve gotten some great additions for our list of family traditions- keep ’em coming and I will list them all in one document at the end of the series. Today I’d like to highlight some of the simple and […]

Family Traditions Around The Table

Some of the most important traditions our family has occur around our table. Food draws people together and creates an environment of nurturing and comfort. We use our time around the table to socialize our kids (one of our favorite things is to explain our emphasis on table manners by having them imagine visiting a […]