Tuesday Garden Party 5.27.14: Herb Garden

Herb Garden Plan - An Oregon Cottage

Hello, friends! I recently began the replant of our back door herb garden that was pretty much decimated by our -10 degree weather we had this last winter. I actually was pretty surprised at this, since it’s a southern-facing garden up against the house. But the only things that survived without any damage were the chives […]

Table Grapes! {TGP}

Red Grape Cluster

I’m so excited to share about our grapes with you all – I can’t believe how much they’re producing in only their third summer! We had a large grape arbor over a seating area in our last house and I loved the shade the vine provided, as well as how it looked with grape clusters […]

Tomato Plants Update {TGP}

Green tomatoes.7-13

Do you remember back in the early spring when I shared this photo of my seedling pepper and tomato plants: And that what was wrong was the fact that there are dog hairs sticking out of some of the plants – because our dog had gone crazy (trying to get a mouse, we now assume) […]

The March Garden {TGP}

overwintered caul.3-13

With the start of a new season, I’m always thinking the garden should be – poof! – growing and providing food. Too bad I don’t plan and plant enough during the fall and winter to actually make that happen. I’ve looked into it, because Steve Soloman (Gardening West of the Cascades) says we can grow […]

Chicken Coop Progress!

Coop before side_mark

I’m so excited to share with you the progress we’ve made on our future chicken coop! Since I’ve been talking for years about wanting to keep a few chickens on our acre, you all can probably guess how fun it is to finally see it coming together. We started with this three-sided structure on our […]