Asparagus Experiment Update

Here’s a quick update on the Great Asparagus Experiment (I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breaths…): The first week of June I stopped harvesting bed #1 so it could produce it’s ferns. Just yesterday, during this last week of June, I cut down the ferns from bed #2. In the picture above, bed […]

A Sad Day For Tomatoes

good tomatoes

I’ve written a lot about growing tomatoes here in the Northwest. We have to start them early from seed, plant them with protection, grow varieties that ripen early, and then pray for warm weather. Even then, we get a year like last year: Cold, wet spring + cool, wet summer = lots of green tomatoes […]

My Asparagus And Potato Beds

One of my readers, Dan, asked to see pictures of what my asparagus bed looks like now as I’m harvesting my first spears, as well as a question about growing potatoes under straw. Hey, I’m always ready to share pictures! This bed is four years old now, so I can harvest it the full six […]

The Trouble With Voles

Some of you may remember my dismay last summer when the voles (otherwise referred to as field mice) started attacking my vegetable garden with a vengence. I knew we had them around the property because I had seen the holes in the grass, but they had never ventured into the garden in the four years […]

When Seeds Sprout

One of the things I enjoy about starting my garden vegetables from seed is the thrill I get when they sprout. It’s just such a little miracle. You put this dry, brown thing in more dry brown stuff, add some water and – poof! Plants emerge. Real, green living things. And sometimes they’re pretty old […]

The Flower of February

We’ve had such a mild winter since our week of 11 degree temperatures in December that a lot of things are blooming (full blown daffodils in February?!), but the traditional flowers of February to me are crocus. They seem to be the promise of spring with their bright colors shooting up through the green leaves […]

An After-Christmas Tradition (For Garden Nerds)

The Christmas tree is gone, the decorations all in their boxes ready for the attic, and now I finally get to sit down with my… Garden catalogs! Seriously, my daughter rolls her eyes at this (welcome to life with a 13-year-old), but I restrain myself through the holidays, putting aside the new year’s gardening catalogs […]

What’s blooming in October?

October seems like such a lackluster month for flowers. Everything’s browning, shutting down, or becoming bare. And really, everyone is looking at the trees and their glorious colors anyway. But walking around I was surprised to find quite a few things still blooming and some that got a second wind when the rains started again […]