What’s Blooming Now?

Some of the blooms of fall are my favorite of all. A lot of people have hot colors now (reds, oranges), but I still like my pastels with a little yellow and white thrown in for balance. I love this combo in front of my house. A few blooms of a hardy geranium compliment the […]

A Late Summer Bouquet

I just had to share this beautiful bouquet. I asked my daughter to find something blooming in the yard for the table centerpiece and this is what she came up with. Wow. She’s good. I believe that flowers are an important part of the frugal lifestyle. Huh? You read that right. I just think flowers […]

Two Views of the Garden

I was looking through some of my photos and came across this one I took of the vegetable garden last March. I was surprised, I guess. I mean, I know what it looks like in winter, but I kinda forget when I’m in the harvesting season: This is what gardeners dream of in the winter […]

Summer Flowers

My 13-year old daughter has taken some really good photographs this past year. I really think she’s got a great eye for composition (yes, I know I’m biased, but I really do think…). So I asked her to take some pictures of flowers that were blooming now in our garden for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day […]

Garden Harvest and Problem

We’ll start with the positive: I love bringing in the basket full of beautiful produce. Zucchini for kabobs, the last of the lettuce, green beans for my favorite side dishes, and a lovely head of “Graffiti” Cauliflower. Isn’t the color something? One of the reasons it’s so fun to garden is to be able to […]

The Garden After A Week Away

This was the harvest I came back to after 8 days away from the garden on our vacation. The broccoli and snap peas were finally ready to harvest- yea! The snaps are so good to eat just standing out in the garden all warmed from the sun… As you can see, despite my planning, I’ve […]

What’s Growing Now: Mid-June

Ah, roses. Old-fashioned, multi-petaled pastel ones are my favorite. In our city house, I went crazy with the roses and had about 30 bushes and climbers on a 50 x 100′ lot. It was too much work (ever prune a climbing rose that is 20’?) and I decided I would only plant a few favorites […]

Vegetable Garden Update, or My Crazy Tomato Cover

I’ve seen some magazines (and bloggers) who have beautiful hoop houses that they use to protect their vegetables from frost and cold weather. They might be covered with plastic, spun row cover or shade cloth, depending on the time of year, but they always look tidy and neat. This is my Oregon Cottage tomato cover […]

What’s Growing Now

Just a quick trip around our property to see what’s blooming (Irises!) and how the seedlings are doing. We had a streak of 70 to 80 degree days about a week ago, then it dipped down to almost freezing a couple of nights, and now it’s settled in on rain (what? In Oregon?) and lows […]