Thirty Minute Laundry Room Spruce-Up


We’ve recently finished the last few finishing touches on our laundry room (started years ago, but better late than never!) – beadboard molding, floor molding, and cabinet brackets. I still need to paint everything- including the cabinet- to match the painted beadboard. With our track record, I didn’t think I should wait to do a […]

Spice Cabinet Cleanup: Before And After

spice shelf after

Our spices are housed in a ridiculously narrow cupboard to the right of the stove. It has bugged me since we moved here seven years ago. Of course, not enough to do much more than stuff things in there and quickly shut the door. See what I mean? When we first set up our kitchen […]

Beginner Pinterest Q & A

Pinterest Logo

Even though there are lots of tutorials out there, I’ve gotten a number of questions- here and in real life – about the basics of Pinterest, so I thought I’d do a quick introduction for those who need it. If you are a Pinterest-pinning fool, this isn’t for you, however- I’d love for you to […]

Tips To Edit and Simplify Your Wardrobe

closet storage

Do you switch out your wardrobe each spring and fall? I’ve found this to be one of the best ways to edit and simplify my wardrobe. Of course the real reason I do this change of cooler clothes for warmer is because I don’t have enough room in my closet or dresser for both seasons, but […]

Greeting Card Organizer


This is a gift we received from my sister at our early Christmas celebration (make sure to see the other four cool gifts, too) which I couldn’t wait to share with you all. It’s a greeting card organizer that came with cards and even important family events for us to remember and I am really excited […]

A Simple Laundry System

simple laundry system

Laundry is one of those things that I’ve always thought would be too basic even to talk about. I mean, no one I know talks about laundry unless it’s to say there’s too much of it. However, over the years I did notice friends always seemed to have laundry piled on the dining room table or […]