Organizing: Garden Paperwork

garden planning binder

Do you organize your gardening paperwork? Keep track of what you grew and when? What you’d like to grow again? It is possible to garden without keeping any records. People do it all the time. But there are some very good reasons to keep at least some records, especially with regards to the organic vegetable […]

Organizing: Family Paperwork

organizing paperwork

The paperwork we deal with on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Bills. Notes to call people. Kids progress reports. Kids sports, youth, and school schedules. Well, I could keep listing things, but that would be boring, wouldn’t it? Let’s just agree to say there’s a lot. Over the years I’ve tried various ways for organizing […]

Video: Hard-Hitting Recipe Organization Interview

An Oregon Cottage has produced another video for your viewing pleasure. Brian has conducted a investigative “20/20″ like interview with me about the organizing strategy I use for all the recipe cards and clippings I’ve collected. It’s all very serious. Hope you’re ready for a good laugh. See this video full size on YouTube. What […]

Organizing Strategies: Recipes

organizing recipes

One of the goals I had for 2010 was to do an organization series. Hmmm. It’s May and so far I’ve only written about how I organize the contents of my freezer. You don’t think I need to be more organized, do you? I admit I’m not a super-organized person. But I do like organizing […]

Is A Closet Worthy Of Beautification?

Years ago while reading a Rachel Ashwell book (wish I could remember which one…) I was inspired by her encouragement to add beauty to all the areas of our life. Specifically, she mentioned making the cupboards and closets we see daily into something lovely that would bring us joy. Up to that point I always […]

A Decluttering Challenge

I had mentioned to my sister over the holidays that I was feeling a little cluttery in my home and that I felt like I needed to clear some things out and lighten up a bit. Lo and behold, Amy at The Finer Things in Life has issued a “Declutter Challenge” for the whole year! […]

Family Cleaning Night

Guess what we did last night? What our family has done every Thursday for about eight years? I’m sure my children wish I would be alluding to some movie night or the like, but I’m talking about something I like. No, something I LOVE. We cleaned. Yep, ALL of us. We cranked up the music, […]

An Easy Gift Wrapping System

Easy Wrapping System

Do you stay up to 2 am wrapping Christmas presents? Or spend hours wrapping gifts? Do you buy loads of paper, ribbon, tags and bows at the after-Christmas sales only to see them end up in a recycling bin or trash can the next year? Well, that was my life during the holidays for a […]