Spring Seeds

I just got the first of my seeds started last weekend. If you’ve downloaded the PDF of my Organic Gardening Checklist (located in the sidebar), you know that I’m a little late. *sigh* But I’ve mentioned before that the checklist is the ideal, and well, I hardly ever live up to the ideal. Like, never. […]

How And Why To Start Plants From Seed

Here’s a new seed starting video from Territorial Seed Company that is another helpful tool in taking the mystery out of starting vegetables and flowers from seed. It has good, basic information, although I will say that I didn’t agree with the watering method used. I know from experience that when watered from the top […]

An After-Christmas Tradition (For Garden Nerds)

The Christmas tree is gone, the decorations all in their boxes ready for the attic, and now I finally get to sit down with my… Garden catalogs! Seriously, my daughter rolls her eyes at this (welcome to life with a 13-year-old), but I restrain myself through the holidays, putting aside the new year’s gardening catalogs […]