Chalkboard Label Jars – A Five Minute, Three Dollar Update

chalkboard label jars

The other day I found a package of Martha Stewart chalkboard labels that I had bought more than a month ago with a 40%-off coupon for about $3.50. I don’t know why I hadn’t used them yet, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I didn’t know where I wanted to use them when I bought them and had forgotten about them in the meantime.

Then I walked by these jars that have sat here looking like this for about, oh…8 years.

And all of a sudden I remembered the labels.

Isn’t it funny why sometimes a thought comes to you out of the blue? I mean, I walk by these jars multiple times every day on the way to my workroom and not once in the last month has the thought occurred to me that I could use my $3 chalkboard labels on them.

Anyway, about five minutes later, the jars looked like this:

And I just have to say, what a fun update! Not only are they cute (chalkboard stickers = brilliant, btw) and make me smile all those times I’m sauntering past, they are functional.

Since being home for the summer my daughter has been doing some cooking and I have answered the question about which flour is which enough times that the idea of having them labeled is fantastic. Perfect. Wonderful.

Come to think of it…I guess it wasn’t so out-of-the-blue after all, was it?

This is one of the easiest and least expensive update I’ve ever done and I LOVE it!

What would you put chalkboard labels on? I do have a couple more to find a home for…


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    • Jami says

      Thank you! You know what? Those aren’t vintage. :) They’re reproductions put out by Martha Stewart years ago when she had her “Martha By Mail” catalog. I got them for Christmas from my in-laws (after circling them in the catalog, of course!).

  1. jennifer says

    what a great idea! i have some leftover chalkboard paint… and some name tag labels… i think i am going to try and make my own. and then use them as i tackle my pantry. i love when something like this inspires me to get something crossed off my to do list… especially when it makes me look forward to something i have been putting off. thanks jami!

  2. says

    Hi Jami-
    I love your kitchen workroom! Those jars are great lined up there with your vintage canisters and bread box! Nice homey touches.
    I think If I were going to use some of those great stickers (like some mentioned above…I may make some) I’d try labeling in the laundry room or in your craft area.
    Also- I just thought of this, but how about a peg rack, for cooking utensils, aprons, shopping bags, or His and Hers Towel Pegs!

    …I’d say have fun with them; but is seems you already have!!! Pat

    • Jami says

      The erase a little too well, Kathy! I’ve having to train my husband, Brian, to not smear the labels. :) And I’ve had these jars for years – most came from my MIL, others from the thrift store. They are pickle jars from restaurants (and whatever else they get in this size) so maybe see if any restaurants are recycling them?

  3. Vicki says

    Hi – I’m fairly new to your blog but am really enjoying it. Where did you find the colored lids for your jars in the laundry? Or did you paint them? If so, what kind of paint did you use. I tried house paint but it did not work so well.

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