Christmas Gallery Wall

A Christmas Gallery Wall from An Oregon Cottage

I hope you’re all having a blessed holiday season! Today I thought I’d share some pictures of our revamped gallery wall that is dressed for Christmas with a few easy additions.

You may remember what the gallery wall looked like when I first added it, and then after we painted the walls a few months ago that I wanted to rearrange it, using less items with more muted colors. I think I was just a bit tired of the busyness of it and ready for a change.

Christmas Gallery Wall - An Oregon Cottage

After being inspired by gallery walls in Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn catalogs (by the way, you can see them and more of this type of decorating on my Industrial Cottage board on Pinterest!), I removed everything and only kept the things I loved that would fit in the three-color scheme of black, white and touches of gold. That included the brass rubbings Brian did as a kid in England, the pen-and-ink drawings from our travels, our daughter’s drawings, a reproduction sampler I embroidered and the eye chart tray that made it’s first appearance on our 2012 summer mantel.

Then it was a matter of adding in some architectural medallions, RH zinc numbers (’88 is the year we were married, in case you were wondering) and probably my favorite thing about the new wall:

Christmas Gallery Wall Sign - An Oregon Cottage

A Restoration Hardware inspired chalkboard with my daughter’s Christmas chalk-art.

Christmas RH Style Chalkboard - An Oregon Cottage

This is actually another thrift store transformation – it started out as one of those shiny prints on thin wood of some kind of rural scene. You know the kind I’m talking about – all browns and muted colors. I immediately thought of the subway signs from RH, but thought if it were a chalkboard I could change it up for the seasons.

I’m going to be sharing the whole before and after of this after the holidays when we’ll change it to look more like my inspiration photo. You won’t believe the difference (in the print or the price!!).

Christmas Gallery Wall - An Oregon Cottage

And of course, the vintage music sheet wreath adds the crowning touch to the wall’s Christmas transformation and blends with the tabletop scene. So far it’s held up really well in storage after making it two years ago – it only needed a bit of unbending on the ends to make an appearance for it’s third Christmas and it’s still one of my favorite things. And since I’m using other sheet music decorations on our green and white mantel, it coordinates nicely.

So it’s really only two things that make this wall a Christmas wall – I don’t go all out, yet it’s nice to see what a few changes can make.

Do you add holiday elements to your walls, or just stick to trees and tabletops?



  1. Kari J. says

    Ha! ’88 was a very good year! My husband & I were married then too. :) Love your holiday gallery wall & how you incorporate family artwork into it.

  2. says

    I may be a wee bit obsessed with gallery walls and I’m forever drooling over Pottery Barn ones. Yours looks really great. I love the black and white theme.
    I do add things to my walls for Christmas. And I changed out my hydrangea photos in the bathroom this year with two December pictures from old calendars. I love them!

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