Computer Problem

Well, my computer has been infected with a Trojan Horse virus.

I’m using my kids (very slow) older computer to write this post.

We don’t know where we got it (I just used email and visited my regular sites), and it’s a bad one. The virus protection software is doing what it can, so we are able to see the desktop (though it looks weird) enough to transfer our files to a thumbdrive, which is a blessing.

I was really worried for while there. I have a lot of stuff in folders on the desktop that I hadn’t backed up in a couple of months.

I know, I know. Back up your files regularly.

Hopefully I’ll learn from this and figure out a system that makes it easy to remember.

Anyway, I had some things I was working on for the blog that might have to wait until this problem is resolved. I’ll see what I can accomplish on this computer.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to posting:

A new cookie series, “Cookies in the Cottage” where I’ll post some of my favorite cookie recipes. Just in time for the holidays, too. I’m thinking of opening it up to you all with Mr. Linky – would anyone be interested in sharing favorite cookie recipes? Let me know in the comments.

Continuing the Remodeling Series. The garage conversion is turning into a multi-part post. It’s just too big for a single post because it will encompass a laundry room, office, hallway, and large multipurpose room.

Some holiday ideas. Inexpensive gifts, decorations and creating memories through traditions instead of lots of gifts.

And my sweet deals at the stores this week. Oh man, if you haven’t been to Rite Aid yet to get your FREE Herbal Essences shampoos and stylers, make a plan to go there!

If you have the buy-one-get-a-styler-free coupon from one of the newspaper inserts a couple weeks ago (sorry, I clip all mine, so I don’t know when it came!), you can combine it with the stores’ BOGO sale to get a shampoo and a styler for free! It’s spelled out in the Rite Aid coupon policy, too. Pretty cool.

Now I just have to figure out how to upload pictures on this old computer…

Stay tuned!






  1. jenelle says

    Jami, I am very excited about the cookies from the cottage series!

    My husband and 5 year old have a cookie together every afternoon after school. A special daddy daughter thing. Anyway I found out about it and that (gasp!) he was buying chips ahoy from the convenience store next to his office! So now I always have cookie dough in the freezer and hubby bakes up a few at a time to take with him to hs office. So afr I ahve only made chocolate chip. But I would love to come up with some other varities for them to share.

    As for the Mr. Linky, I would love to participate if I could get my act together to start my blog. Hubby bought the domain name and set it all up for me almost a year ago. I just have to actually write and post something. How do you find the time?

  2. says

    You’re transferring files to a thumb drive? Are you SURE they’re clean? Like, really REALLY sure? That’s how my boss managed to wipe out not just HIS computer, but his wife’s laptop as well. Just be extra sure. :)

  3. Jami@An Oregon Cottage says

    Get ready for cookies! You just have to make the time…BUT it really is easier when the kiddos are older, though I read a lot of blogs by women who’ve got little ones. Everyone has their own priorities!

    The files where just word docs and an itunes library. But to be extra sure, my husband transfered them to a mac first to check. Now we’re going to keep all our files in a Dropbox program so we won’t have to worry about this again (the losing of documents part – we’ll probably always have the viruses as long as we’ve got a PC). Thanks for the advice, though!

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