Coral & Green Master Bedroom Reveal

Here it is – the final week of the One Room Challenge (special thanks to Linda of Calling it Home for creating this fun challenge that helped motivate me to finally act on the ideas I’ve had for our bedroom for ages). Ready or not…and I’m a little of both, actually! But mainly ready:

ORC Bedroom Makeover-An Oregon Cottage

The goal I had when I took on this challenge was to get some things done that had been nagging me – like, um, hanging up a floor mirror that had been languishing for waaay too long. I also wanted to add some color, which was accomplished with the addition of coral pillows, poof, and a few accessories.

Let’s review where I started six weeks ago:

Master Bedroom Before ORC :: An Oregon Cottage

Not awful, just needing a pick-me-up.

And our bedroom now:

ORC Bedroom Walls-after :: An Oregon Cottage

New pillows, wall treatments and updated lamps and shades. It just seems a bit more ‘finished.’

Here’s what the other side of the room looked like:

Master bedroom before-chair-windows-ORC :: An Oregon Cottage

Again, just a few things that bugged me, and a little boring.

This corner now:

ORC chair and dresser-after :: An Oregon Cottage

Still loving the chair with the bright pillow and poof and now I get to enjoy a more streamlined dresser top.

Master Bedroom bed and lamps-after :: An Oregon Cottage

Did you notice how I changed up the plate wall over the bed? I decided that if I simplified it some it would work with the thrifted art wall on the right and then I could have both. It’s not as cool as the larger plate wall, but it works better here like this.

After sharing about redoing the lamps, a number of readers mentioned looking on Amazon for coral spray paint – duh. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before driving all over town looking for coral paint. I think the cream looks better than the silver in this room, but maybe even better with coral bases? Time will tell…

ORC french door and cabinet after

And looky there, the mirror is on the door – there’s progress for you! And a nice, calm vignette on the cabinet instead of the wild, old dried flowers.

An Oregon Cottage: Dresser-after

Okay…but what was I not ready with? That would be the duvet cover, which I’m photographing with just the white down insert. I never found a cover I would pay for that worked with my colors. And my plan to make one using white and cream remnants I’ve had for years? Wow…do you know how many 8×12 rectangles are needed for a queen duvet? Or how long it takes to just cut them out? Sheesh, I never even got to sewing last weekend!

But now that I see these pictures, I’m thinking the white is too…white. Ha! Are you guys completely giving up on me and my wishy-washy ways? Don’t worry – I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the final tally of what was accomplished in the last six weeks – and what wasn’t:
  1. Add a fun plate wall over the bed in shades of white, green, and coral.
  2. Repaint lamp bases.
  3. Add interesting texture to lamp shades or stencil them.
  4. Make a decorative pillow with a graphic coral fabric for the bed.
  5. Create an art wall with the original art we’ve collected through the years at thrift stores (remember when Brian made this funny video about his thrifted ‘bad art’ collection?)
  6. Make or buy a new duvet. I’ll try to figure this out in the next six weeks!
  7. Find a basket to fit under the antique sewing machine/nightstand.
  8. Add a coral pillow to the chair.
  9. Edit the dresser to be less cluttery.
  10. Purchase bamboo blinds? Or attempt to clean roman shades? Windows are not standard making shades too expensive, sadly, so just cleaned.
  11. Paint or just remove lamp in corner {I don’t really use it}.
  12. Rehang the mirror on our door.
  13. Replace the dusty, years-old dried flowers from the backyard with something –anything – else.
  14. Add 10/17: Replace thrifted art wall with family photos…maybe. Nope: edited plate wall instead.

I’ve appreciated your comments, help, and encouragement over the last six weeks – it’s been awesome having you guys in my corner! Now tell me, what do you really think?


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  1. says

    I like your updated bedroom, Jami. I am very fond of the green. Our dining room color is similar. Since ours is a brand new house, we are starting with a blank slate and you have given me some good ideas on how to cozy it up. Love that plate wall and the bright pillow and throw on the bed. Have you considered making a new duvet cover from queen sized flat sheets? Perhaps a cream color with an allover stencil (tone on tone). Just a thought.

  2. Kari J. says

    Oh! You found the perfect way to keep the plate wall and the thrifted art wall — yay!!! Your lamps are beautiful with the cream/white base, but boy, if you could find the right shade of coral, I think they’d be amazing. No idea what you should do about a duvet cover, but the throw you added at the end of the bed is a lovely pop of color that does a lovely job of pulling your bed together.
    Congratulations on your achievement. It must feel so good to have so much done.

  3. Anita Rozendaal says

    It might be a solution to make a “footer quilt” for your bed instead of a complete quilt. You could incorporate a beautiful coral and green along with the white and cream for alot less work. This would allow you to have a burst of color and yet not all the work of a full duvet. I like all the changes and the plate wall is perfect!

  4. says

    I think the coral adds a fresh touch. I love your collections of plates and art. Did you try Lowe’s for bamboo shades? They can cut down the large one’s to fit your window. Probably cheaper than custom…just a thought. Good luck with the duvet. I would never have that kind of patience.

  5. says

    I love that you were able to make such a big change to the feel of your room without spending hardly any $$ – that’s hard to do! I love the plates over the bed and your gallery wall is great! I know that your ceiling wasn’t part of what you did but it’s awesome and fits so well with the style of your new room!

    • says

      Thanks, Kris – the ceiling was one of the selling points when we bought our house, even though it was dark brown then and made the room look so small. :)

  6. Jackie says

    I love the finished bedroom. The plate wall looks great now, not too busy. I was thinking if you got some coordinating fabric to go with the bolster & coral cushion, you could turn them to form a diamond pattern down the center of the cover. It would add a burst of colour, but, more work as well. I also thought Anita’s suggestion of a footer quilt was great.

  7. says

    I knew this room would be pretty and I was right! Jami, you managed to make a cozy, inviting and gorgeous bedroom! I did not notice the duvet until you mentioned it, but maybe your right a little more color on the largest piece may help. But the way it is now, I love it too! CHEERS!

  8. says

    It turned out really, really, nice. I’ve been staring at my living room the last few days and hating it. Why is it that you can be happy with something for so long and then one day hate it and want everything new and different? Maybe I should try the pick-me-up color in a few spots, considering a new couch, chairs, curtains, rug, coffee table, etc, ain’t exactly in the budget. :)
    I LOVE your white dresser, btw.

  9. Christine says

    Pretty! Just a little more polished. :) Very peaceful, too!

    As for your quilt, think about 1) painting some squares coral to match your lamps and 2) strip piecing your quilt. It’s insane to cut out squares unless you’re centering a pattern or something. You can put together pretty much any size quilt TOP in a day as long as you’ve got your equipment, material, and your kids are in the dog’s kennel.
    Just sayin’

    • says

      Ha – kids in the dog’s kennel! :) Yes, I’m strip piecing,Christine – you’re right, the top won’t take long, just cutting out the fabric I was trying to harvest from years of leftovers and putting it all together. I’ve gone round and round with adding coral to the top, but it just looks funny to me with all the cream and white – plus I’m not sure I want to commit to it!

      • Christine says

        Whatever you do, I’m sure it’ll be lovely.
        I”m partial to two-color quilts. I seem to have 2 antique rose pink & white, 2 antique navy & white, and two, gorgeous antique turkey red & cream. My own quilt tops, though, tend to be a bit more dramatic.

        Oh! Perhaps you can use a coral backing? I just painted a credenza in a taupe/gray/griege color, with a darker harlequin pattern. I couldn’t stand it and painted the insides a gorgeous Martha Stewart coral that sucks me in it’s so vibrant.

        Either way… I’ll be watching!

  10. says

    I think it looks serene and lovely. You did a great job! Inspires me to tackle a few of my projects…but I think I’ll wait until the holidays are done.

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