A Couple of Rite Aid Deals

(Note: The Tuesday Garden Party will return next week and the theme is Favorite Garden Catalogs AND your Favorite Veggies and Flowers you buy seeds for every year. We want to know your favs, so please be sure to share next week, ’cause I know we’ve all been getting those catalogs in the mail- and if you’ve been here since last year, you know what I’m doin’ this week!)

In the meantime, here’s a great deal I scored at Rite Aid Monday that takes advantage of a mail-in-rebate and coupons that expire on 12/31. There’s still time to create your own scenario with this sale/rebate/coupon combo, but you gotta do it in the next couple of days:

In the first transaction I only purchased items for the Olay “Get Caught Looking Beautiful” (link is directly to pdf rebate form) mail-in-rebate:

1 Olay Regenerist cream, $21.99 – $3/1 mfc = $18.99
1 Olay Regenerist foaming cleanser, $5.24 (with BOGO1/2-off sale) – $3/1 mfc = $2.24
1 Covergirl mascara, $8.19 + 1 lipliner, $3.34 (BOGO1/2-off) – $2.50/2 mfc = $9.03 for both
6 Pantene shampoos & conditioners @ $3.50 ea = $21 – (3) BOGO mfc (-$10.50) and $3/2 mfc = $7.50
Total (after coupons)= $37.76
– $20 Gift of Savings e-coupon
-$7.50 +up rewards
= $10.26 out of pocket

Then, I’ll submit the MIR (pdf link above) for $20 in order to make $9.74 buying these items!! Cool, cool- I LOVE it when that happens!

I did another transaction in order to take advantage of two incentives Rite Aid has going on this week: it’s the beginning of another spend $100 (before coupons!), get $20 rebate (Resolution Rewards), this time in the form of $20 +up rewards. There are about 4 weeks to do this in and this transaction got me $20 towards my total $100. It also allowed me to get a $10 +up reward for the Nivea and use some BOGO coupons that are expiring the end of this week:

10 Nivea lip balms* @ $2 ea = $20.00 – (3) BOGO mfc ($6 total) and (2) $2/2 Internet coupons= $10.00 (qualify for $10 +up)
1 NyQuil, $5 – $3/1 mfc = $2.00 ($2+up)
1 Tampax, $2.99 – $1/1 mfc = $1.99
= $13.99
– $3 +up rewards
= $10.99 out of pocket

*I hardly ever buy this many of something- I much prefer to get the things I need. Two things made me buy 10 today: 1. We like them and they make great gifts and can be added to Operation Christmas Boxes and 2. Rite Aid had these priced on the dollar (2.00 each) and all the other Nivea qualifying items were priced at $3.99 or $5.99- meaning I’d always be two or three cents short of the $20 needed for the +up reward (which is REALLY irritating- I wish they’d price everything on the dollar!). AND I did not clear the shelf to buy these- this is one thing they always have a lot of…

So, in review:
I spent $21.25 out of pocket for both trips.
I have $12.00 in +up rewards to spend on my next trip.
I will get $20.00 back from a mail-in-rebate.
I have $20 towards the $100 I need to get another $20 in +up rewards.

Isn’t it great to get paid to shop?






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    That’s so cool…I haven’t tried doing that yet…mostly, I”m just clipping coupons and wait for the doublers and the item to go on sale…Often I’ve scored items for just a few pennies or free in some cases!!1 That’s so cool. Now you have extras that you can keep or giveaweay!!! So cool!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

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