Daughter’s Bedroom Before and (Almost) After

Our daughter is spending a week with her grandparents and we are redoing her room while she’s away. When we mention this to people, most ask if it is a surprise like our son’s bedroom makeover.

Uh…no. Unlike our son, our daughter has definite ideas about what she likes and doesn’t like and we’re way past the age with her that we do anything without her input. That includes clothes, shoes, school supplies, and bedroom makeovers.

I’ve even gotten grief over shampoo recently. Have I mentioned she’s 14?

Anyway, her makeover is a bit smaller than her brother’s. I am doing a bit of painting (her color choice, of course) and we are tearing out the carpet and doing the same torn-paper technique on her floor that we did on his. I originally thought this had been a failure, but after coating it with polyurathane, covering it with a rug and furniture, and having my son say it was his favorite part of the room redo, I’ve changed my mind. I think it’s a nice-looking, cost effective flooring option for a bedroom.

In fact, we’re preparing a video tutorial for anyone else who wants to try this technique.

Yeah, so you can thank me for your floor failure.

Just kidding! Uh…about the failure, not the video.

This is one of her walls she hand painted a few years ago. It was sweet and I think she did a great job (she’s a wonderful artist), but she’s tired of it and wanted a solid color. I took pictures of all the painting she did to preserve the memories before we painted over it.

Her favorite color was red for the longest time, but now that’s changed. She wants to find bedding or fabric that has lots of different colors in it- maybe large multi-colored spots. We’re still looking.

Her dresser and bed (antiques that I love- we got them for $25 each), will get a fresh coat of paint, but the wonderful sky-blue paint above the chair rail is staying (along with some clouds on the ceiling that aren’t pictured).

After two days of painting and flooring, this is as far as we’ve gotten. Yes, the green is very green. We had it matched to a book cover that was a color my daughter liked. I’m curious to see what she thinks when she sees it.

It’s a good thing there’s a lot of white furniture to break it up, that’s all I’ve got to say.

The floor was just glued down before this picture was taken. It will dry overnight (and lose a lot of it’s bumpiness) before I can start putting the coats of polyurathane over the top.

What’s left besides the floor? I will finish the trim (a new lighter white), paint the bifold doors (out in the garage), and add another coat of paint to the dresser to refresh it.

When our daughter comes home, she’ll go through the things we removed and decided what she really wants in the room, giving the rest to a thrift store.

Hey, more things for the Clutter Challenge!


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  1. says

    What a nice project and a surprise.I hope she loves it :) :) :) Shampoo…yeah, I think I gave my dad grief about taht at 14 too…because I just had to have the shampoo…Herbal Essences…for my hair :) :) Have a great day!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. cherie says

    I love the green – great job! Actually my dd’s comforter would go beautifully with it – it’s two purples, a lighter value of that green and a little bit of bright/almost turquoise-ish blue – geometrics on white . . . I think I got it at JCP last year . . .

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