December Garden Harvest

I went out to the (mostly dead) garden a few days ago to see if there was anything to pick, and came back with quite a basket full. While I did plant these in July and August for fall harvesting, it always amazes me when I actually find something growing in these cold, often dreary days.

And this is quite colorful, isn’t it? I had to harvest all the “winter” lettuce because it’s not under any type of cover and some of the edges were starting to get freeze decay (is that a real term? I think I may have just made that up). But the cabbage (Melissa) and the cauliflower (Graffiti) are doing quite well.

The chard, too, was growing well, but I had to leave a lot because it was half eaten by the deer (note to self…get the deer fence finished!).

The little purple heads are cabbages. Did you know if you leave the stalk after cutting the main cabbage head, little cabbages will sprout? These are the kinds of things you find out when cleaning up the garden is not a high priority (shocking, but true). But they’re great and one head adds a nice color to a salad.

I guess it’s just a little bonus for us lazy ones. :-)






  1. says

    Oh my goodness, those little cabbages are just the cutest things! I can’t believe how much you’re still harvesting! We’ve been frozen solid for the last two nights but even prior to this, everything was finished in my garden.

    I had absolutely NO success with my cauliflower this year. It grew and grew but it never seemed to ripen – it was odd. And lettuce…you still have lettuce!

  2. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Farmgirl- I can’t believe you’ve been frozen solid! I usually could grow fall things when I lived up north. Do you think you could with a cover?

    That’s happened to me before with cauliflower- in fact, next to the plant I harvested are two with no head at all. Who knows? I’m sure there’s some reason, but I’ve given up trying to figure it all out. :-) Try, try, and try again!

    Alas, that was the end of the lettuce…

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