A Decluttering Challenge

I had mentioned to my sister over the holidays that I was feeling a little cluttery in my home and that I felt like I needed to clear some things out and lighten up a bit. Lo and behold, Amy at The Finer Things in Life has issued a “Declutter Challenge” for the whole year!

Did she read my mind, or what?

Now, I joined the challenge on her site a couple of weeks ago and just neglected to say anything about it here (I hope that doesn’t mean I’m trying to get out of it already…), so I’ve already started my tally of what I’ve put in the thrift store pile during the last month as I cleaned and put holiday things away. I also have decided I’m only aiming for one item for each day of the year, so I guess my challenge is only “365 in 365″ but, hey, that’s still a lot of stuff!

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1.-10. books (there’s more of these to come, I’m sure…)

11.-15. various clothing of mine (kids to follow…)

16.-20. picture frames that are no longer in the style I want for my living room redo.

21. an old robe

22. a bedspread

23-35. little items from putting holiday decorations away and cleaning my workroom.

I’m off to a good start, and am really excited about how this challenge will keep me accountable to really clear out some stuff that I’ve lived with so long I no longer “see” it anymore. Though I’m sure everyone else does. :-)

Where else am I going to pull clutter from? Oh, the list could go on and on, but the big eyesore areas are:

*living room bookshelves


*laundry room

*garden shed

*hall closet

Wish me luck! And if this sounds good to you and you’d like to join, head over to The Finer Things to check it out.






  1. Jenelle says

    Ah! A bit of decluttering is definitely what I need. I’m going to head on over and join too.

    Thanks,and good luck!

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