Decorating The Porch

This last weekend, my daughter and I decked out our porch for fall as we like to do each year. We started with the porch as pictured above (good thing this isn’t a close-up, or you’d see how desperately the white door needs to be cleaned and painted).

After less than 30 minutes, we had this:

It’s certainly not over-the-top, though my daughter wants to add some corn stalks on the right (she was very miffed at me for wanting to keep the pink impatiens- but they’re still blooming! I’m keeping them ’til they’re dead- pumpkins or no).

We mainly put pumpkins all over the place (the mini “Baby Boo” pumpkins grew out-of-control this year…), and changed out the wreath. Easy as pie, yet it’s perfectly festive for us, especially as it cost a third of the price of some pumpkin seed packets (one packet lasts 3 years for me). That’s less than $2.00, plus the price of the square wreath I bought 2 years ago (and can’t remember the price of).

I just got a catalog today in the mail with fake pumpkins you can buy for your porch for $99.00 (and up!). Ouch.

Plus, I don’t have to store mine.

This is the reason I grow three kinds of pumpkins (it’s certainly not to eat them-ugh), just to decorate.

Here’s a close-up of the “icky pink” impatiens. I think this is a lovely composition with the white pumpkins and the green-turning-orange one thrown in.

We were at a family get-together this last weekend in an area where they grow hops, so I was given some to take home (thanks, Patti!). We put some on the porch with the pumpkins, and the others were used to add to the wreath on the door:

I just draped the hops over the top of the wreath and added a bow from some ribbon I had- took me about 10 minutes.

I wasn’t sure about the hops at first, but I really like it- it’s different, yet seems seasonal.

Oh, and the sun reflected in the window above? That’s the last time we’ve seen that around here. It’s been pouring like mad. We even got enough hail yesterday that it stayed on our porch for more than an hour before melting.

Fall’s definitely arrived. And I better go harvest the basil before it’s too late…






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