The DIY Garden Bug Spray Video

DIY Garden Bug Spray That Really Works Video - An Oregon Cottage

You guys, I was so excited about how great the garlic-mint garden insect spray worked in our garden (and that I actually remembered to take pictures so I could share it with you), but I’m even more excited that you are finding it helpful, too! It’s been shared thousands of times on Hometalk, gotten tons of shares and repins on Facebook and Pinterest and has created a great dialog here on the blog. I’m so happy that you found the results as amazing as I did and I can’t wait to hear about all your own experiments on the bad bugs in your gardens!

In light of the popularity of the diy garden bug spray post and wanting to you give a bit more information, Brian and I created a video for you that shows:

  1. how to make it and use it on the plants
  2. how lush and beautiful our sprayed plants are now, a month after their last spraying
  3. how it worked on a plant I sprayed in our vegetable garden, but didn’t blog about because it wasn’t a part of the “official experiment” (written completely tongue-in-cheek – do I think I’m a scientist or something?) – my beloved Emerite pole beans. If you’ve ever fought with spotted cucumber beetles, you’ll want to take a look at this.

So, we hope you enjoy this and that it helps you to be able to use it in your gardens!

PS. Liking that facial expression of mine in the lead photo? According to Brian, that was the only one he could pull from the video to make a pinnable graphic with…humm. It made me laugh anyway, so I decided to work with it! :)


    • says

      I probably didn’t emphasize this enough – the mint actually makes it smell good, Diana! The garlic is the main smell, and you could throw a bit more mint in if you had it to smell a bit nicer even.

  1. M. says

    Jami, thank you for sharing this. I have a couple of mint plants that I grow for their beauty, but I’m not fond of the flavor of these plants. One is apple mint, the other is grapefruit mint. As they are truly mints, is it likely that these mints will work in this recipe? I’d be happy to use them for such a good purpose. Thanks!

  2. M. says

    Great! Thanks for the quick answer. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it works. Have a great evening.

  3. Donna says

    I made a batch of your bug spray, hoping it will deter the dang budworms that are going crazy on some of my flowers. However, I did find it needs to be strained through a coffee filter because it clogged up my spray bottle making it impossible to spray it. I don’t know if it’s deterring the worms. They are happily eating but I’m hopeful. And boy, garlicky!

    • says

      I do always strain it though a fine-mesh screen, Donna – are you saying it clogged your sprayer after that and you then used the coffee filter? Some bottles might just be more finicky that way. If you find it too garlicky, add more mint next time – it should smell better. I sure hope it works on them, too. :)

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