DIY Remodeling at AOC: From Ranch to Cottage

You know what? I’m actually surprised that I don’t get tired of looking at the before and after photos of our house, which is probably because I can’t believe how far we’ve come (although it has been almost 10 years…). But I know you guys might be getting tired of it – so I’m happy to say this is the last updated post of the original remodeling series I wrote more than four years ago. Know what that means? Next week I unveil the new “Our Cottage” page and scratch off my first to-do of 2014, woot!

An Oregon Cottage Before and After

But today, let’s take a look at where we first started: what our 1982 ranch house looked like on the day we closed on our house (which is not the above before photo – that’s after the tree came down) and what it looked like after most of our major remodeling, 4 years later!

Garage Exterior Before-After - An Oregon Cottage

Go here to see the original ranch to cottage exterior post, including what it looked like on closing day!

Go here to see all the details of the garage conversion.

Exterior Front Door Before-After - An Oregon Cottage

See the original before-and-after post here.

See more ways to add cottage curb appeal here.

See how our front door looks now.

Front Porch Garden Before-After - An Oregon Cottage

See what our house looks like after being painted yellow here.

See more of my cottage garden here and some of my favorite easy care flowers here.

Thank you for all your encouragement through the last few weeks – I have the best readers!!



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