Drugstore Deals

There were lots of good deals I could’ve bought at Rite Aid this week and I did plan on going back to use another $3 off $15 coupon but never had the time. I’m OK, though, with the deal I ended up with:
2 Kashi cereals, BOGO @ $4.99 -FREE Kashi cereal coupon from vocalpoint= 0
2 Sure deodorants, BOGO @ $2.99 -$1.50/1 (men) & $1/1 = .49
Acnomel acne treatment, $6.99 ($6 SCR)
Dentyne cup, $2.50 -$1.50/1 = $1
-$3/$15 RA coupon
=$5.48 (and since I’m getting the $6 SCR, I actually made .52 on this deal!)
Can I just say how much I love Rite Aid?
With Walgreens, however, it’s more of a love-hate relationship. I really just go so I can use a Register Reward I got earlier that will expire (hate the expirations, by the way), not because there’s some awesome deal. I spent $4.69 for these items and received a $4 RR.
While I was happy to get the Kleenex here, I have to tell you about the horrible customer service I got at the store. The four long boxes all rang up at the sale price, BOGO at $2.19 each, but the two little boxes beeped. The cashier apparently couldn’t ring them through, even though the exact boxes were on the front page of the ad that was sitting there at her register.
So she calls somebody for a price check. Seriously. With the ad in front of her. No one comes. There’s probably one other customer in the store somewhere, but really it was dead at this time and yet not one other Walgreens employee came.
Finally she looked at me and said, “I hate this,” and goes to get the price check herself. I’m a little steamy at this point, but other than point out the ad, I didn’t say anything as she finished ringing me up. I had a lot to do, and was already thinking of the next stop, and she did apologize for the wait.
But the total didn’t sound right, so I checked my receipt out in the car (always check!) and realized she rang up both boxes without giving me the BOGO sale. So I run back in, thinking she could just fix it…wrong. She tells me I’ve got to go to the cosmetics counter and she’ll call someone. Great.
I should mention, I still haven’t seen another customer. So I stand at the other counter waiting for the manager for almost 5 minutes while she looks at me from her register. I kid you not. Then the manager comes, looks at my receipt, which was their fault, and says she needs to go get a box to give me the credit. So I wait again.
When I finally got the $2.19, she didn’t even apologize for the wait or the problem in the beginning. It was like I was bothering her when she was busy doing other things.
Contrast this with what my husband experienced at Starbucks a couple days later. He order a coffee that was going to be brewed and then he sat down to do some work on a computer. He thought it was taking awhile, but didn’t realize until they brought the coffee out to him with a profuse apology and a coupon for a free coffee that he had waited 4 minutes.
Ah…it’s amazing how good customer service makes you feel about a place, isn’t it?
What do you think? Did I just get a bad day, or is the customer always treated like this at Walgreens?




  1. Dina says

    Our Walgrens, which is not even a year old, is the same way. If they didn’t have such good deals on the products we use I don’t think I would shop there. Perhaps in their training the attitude is part of their definition of customer service.

  2. Jenelle says

    I agree that most Walgreens are like that. I’m lucky because I have one near my house with a wonderful sales girl who is always there when I am shopping. She is always very helpful and has even pulled a coupon out of their monthly book that I missed. She’s even scanned a bunch of products for me once to help me figure out which ones would trigger the RR.

  3. Anonymous says

    I never go to Walgreens, but your story did make me feel like you were a little impatient with the check-out lady. But, it’s always easier being on the outside looking in! LOL!

    I always have to remind myself that all businesses have rules … even though they seem ridiculous sometimes. They are human and make mistakes.

  4. Maureen says

    I agree Walgreens can be tricky–I’ve found one in town that is pretty good with coupon users so I try to always shop there. I also hate the quick expiration on RR so I usually plan to use them right away on a second purchase–this week and last week they have RenPure shampoo/conditioner on sale BOGO and they each have a “Try Me Free” tag on them–and since I ended up with two items I could use up two RRs. They also have Organix shampoo/conditioner that have the same MIR tag on them.

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