Easy Book Page Punch Ornament


Hey friends, have I got a handcrafted ornament you’re going to love today! It’s super quick, super easy, and super cute – can’t beat that, can you? And it goes with any other book page or music sheet decorations you might have made (like these book page rosettes, balls, and paper chains, or music sheet wreath, decoupage sign and coasters). In other words – we’ve got a theme goin’ on.

I love, love, love easy crafts like this: they use mostly what we may have (punches, old books, copies, or music), need only a few minutes, and result in a great end-product.

Supplies Needed:
  • Clear glass or plastic ball ornaments (I used glass)
  • Old books or music sheets (make copies if you don’t want to use actual books)
  • Various paper punches which produce 1/2-inch to 1-inch punches (any smaller and you don’t really see that they’re book pages; bigger than 1″ are harder to insert)
  • Jute twine or desired hanger


Here are the crazy-easy steps:
  1. Punch a bunch of shapes from your desired paper. The only thing to keep in mind here are making sure there is writing on both sides, otherwise they’re just blank shapes in the ornament and you lose the effect.
  2. Remove the top of the ornament and start stuffing them inside. It’s okay to bend them – they flatten out again. I found that it was actually better if they bent a bit going in because then they didn’t lay flat and stick together.
  3. Fill the ball about 3/4 full and replace top.
  4. Thread with your chosen hanger.


And that’s it (and you thought the Tinsel & Glitter Ornament was easy). If you haven’t gathered by now – I really like these. I used a 1″ star punch for this ornament and I like the way you can easily see the writing on the shapes even from far away.


I then made this one with a smaller 1/2″ snowflake punch, thinking it would be too small. However, I was surprised that I could still see the writing, plus the arms of the snowflakes (umm, is that what they are called?) really help to hold them aloft. Since they fill the ball better, I didn’t need to punch out more, even though they were smaller than the stars.

I think this craft would be great for kids to make for grandparents (they love to use the punches!) and by varying the shapes (even toy images like teddy bears or trains would work…) and paper they are easily customizable.

What do you think – easiest Christmas craft yet or what?




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    These are too cute! I always make ornaments to have in a basket to give guests and these and the tinsel ones are a must… easy. Thanks for the great ideas!

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    I feel a trip to Hobby Lobby coming on . . . .

    I love it — that is my kind of crafting (glue guns and I do not get along — I think I need to take some kind of hot glue skills class).

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    Jami – I just got back from an amazing trip to Germany and had to let you know I thought of you. I’m reading a magazine I picked up there. It is the special Christmas edition of “Living and Garden”, like our Better Homes and Gardens. The first thing I saw was a dining room decorated just like yours – white furniture, white decor, natural elements and silver and maybe some mercury glass. (not sure how THAT translates!!) I was so surprised to see similar ideas across the pond! I tried to get a link to the article, but only got the front of the magazine. Here is the link, and scroll down a bit for the Christmas issue (red cover, that says “Weinachtszauber”. Viel Spass! (have fun!) Jennifer

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    Jami, do you think it would be neat to add a pinch of glitter to the clear ball? I’m a sparkly fanatic and thought that would be an extra nice touch – but then maybe it would all stick to the sides of the ornament due to static.

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      Yeah, you’re probably right about sticking to the inside. You could add lines of glitter around the outside center, though, if you wanted more sparkle (like my anthro-inspired balls). Or brush glitter glue over the book pages and letting dry before punching? I haven’t tried it – just thinking off the top of my head. :)

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