Easy Upholstery Webbing Spring Banner

How to Make an Easy Upholstery Webbing Spring Banner - An Oregon Cottage

Are you ready to make a super easy spring banner (or garland – have any idea what the difference is?) from upholstery webbing and chipboard letters like I promised after sharing our spring mantel last week? Seriously, if I were to have a specialty here on the blog, it would be quick & painless crafts that give a big bang for the buck. From thrift store transformations to simple seasonal decorating to gifts that look like they cost a lot more than they did, I’ve covered quite a bit of these projects over the life of AOC. (Tip: you can see them all on the Project Gallery!).

You know why? Because that’s my life, guys! I’ve just never been into complicated crafts or projects. For example, I’ve been knitting since college and have made countless sweaters for myself and others, scarves and throws and I’ve never learned the cable stitch. It’s getting embarrassing, actually, but in the short amount of time I have to knit, I just want to knit, not learn something new – you know what I mean? Anyway, complicated things won’t happen around here, so I keep it pretty simple and quick – and the older I get, the simpler I want things.

So, how about making a bit of seasonal decorating that will give a big bang for the little amount of money and time you put into it? I guarantee it will make you smile every time you look at it!

How to Make an Upholstery Webbing Spring Banner

Supplies Needed:

Upholstery Webbing Spring Banner - Chipboard Letters - An Oregon Cottage


1. Paint each chipboard letter with a different color of paint (of course you can do only one color – totally up to you). Some colors or type of paint may need two coats. Let dry while putting together the rest of the banner

How to Make An Upholstery Webbing Spring Banner - Making the Webbing Pieces - An Oregon Cottage

2. Make banner ‘flags’ from upholstery webbing:

  • Decide the length you want the individual flags to be by holding a chipboard letter on the webbing and allowing for room to fold the top over the jute twine (I cut mine to 5 1/2-inches).
  • Fold one webbing flag in half and on the fold mark up from the bottom 1 inch. Angle scissors from the mark to the outside corner and cut to make the notch. Repeat with remaining 5 flags.

3. Cut a piece of jute twine the length you need (decide where you want to hang the banner from and measure that) and space the flags evenly apart, between 2 to 3 inches between each.

4. Fold the top of one flag over about 1/2-inch, place the twine inside the fold and hot glue in place along the fold. Repeat with all the flags.

5. By this time the letters should be dry – dab a few dots of hot glue on the back of each letter and center on the appropriate flag.

How to Make an Upholstery Webbing Spring Garland - An Oregon Cottage

Hang and enjoy as a sweet bright spot of spring, like on our spring mantel. I didn’t actually time how long this took, but I think it was maybe 15 minutes? Whatever it is, it’ll definitely leave you plenty of time to enjoy other spring activities.

So there you have it – quick and easy. Are you doing any decorating for spring? Even adding plants or flowers is such a fun addition!


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  1. says

    I love that you are all about quick and easy crafts! I know one crochet stitch – the single stitch – and can make a hat, a scarf or a throw with it. What more do I need?

    I have some of that webbing with red instead of black. My husband’s mom gave it to me about 6 years ago – I think it’s from the 70’s. Now, I have something to do with it.

    • says

      Yes, I’ve seen the webbing in green and blue also, Angi, so that’s one more way you can make it your own. Plus you get to say that yours is vintage, ha! 😉

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