An Eclectic Gallery Wall

I’m happy to say that the gallery wall I’ve been working on for a couple of months is finally finished! It’s a bit different than other gallery walls I’ve seen, though I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use a lot of things we already had. To that end, I went looking for inspiration on Pinterest and found a number of photos to pin to my boards.

Pinterest to the rescue! It was fun to find others who had been thinking along the same lines as me – to a degree. Of course, I added my own “reuse & use what you have” spin to the Gallery Wall idea.

The wall I had to work with is huge – it has a 12-foot peak and can be seen from all the rooms in our “great room” though I call this the “entry.” It has seen a couple of different looks since we moved in:

Entry Look #1

This is what it looked like for the first four years we lived here. I didn’t really spend a lot of time or effort on it, but the size of it always seemed to dwarf whatever I put on the wall.

 Entry Look #2

When I did a makeover of the entry two years ago, I tried to ground the wall grouping by putting it close to the cabinet. I added a little lamp to help connect them, as well. I liked it, but again was bugged by the amount of white wall – it just seemed to make the black tray grouping seem so small.

I thought I might add to the trays, but I really didn’t want to buy things just to buy them.

So when I started seeing a lot of folks creating cool gallery walls, I realized I had the perfect wall to create my own version – and I’d be able to use all the pictures that have been stored since we moved years ago.

After all, it’s an “Eliminate” year so if I can’t use something, it’s gotta go.

Entry Look #3

I’m so excited to have been able to use all the prints and finds I wanted – and I’m really thrilled with how it turned out- it fills up the space, but still leaves enough wall for “breathing room.”

I have to confess that I was just going to pull out the items I wanted to use, lay them out on the floor and hang them up in a configuration I liked.

I thought taking the time to cut out paper templates was, well…extreme. Goodness, they’re just nail holes after all.

Ah-hem. Yeah, so here’s the thing: when you’re working with a lot of different shapes and sizes and four of them are already on the wall, it’s just a lot easier to cut out the dumb shapes.


And you know what else was easier? Pounding a nail into the middle of the paper, removing the paper and having a perfectly centered hole. I think it took all of ten minutes to hang everything up after messing with the templates to get them where I wanted.

However, we did live with this “in progress” wall for a week. I had some trouble finding frames for the prints and brass rubbings I wanted to add to the wall.

And when I still couldn’t find any that would work with the two I already had, I took the paper down (after friends and family gave me grief over living with paper taped to the wall!) and we lived with holes until I broke down and decided to just paint the different frames to coordinate.

In the end the only items I needed to buy were two frames and a set of old-looking keys, so the total cost of this project was just under $20.00. Not bad.

My favorite part of this wall really is the memories some of these things invoke. In fact, I’m calling it our Memory Gallery Wall because it doesn’t have photos or any computer prints. Almost everything on the wall has a story to tell – about us.

Tomorrow I’m going to share what some of those are – which hopefully will inspire you to use what you have – things that are special to you – to create a beautiful spot in your own homes.

In the meantime- do you have a gallery wall? Do you want one?

(Visit this page to read about the memories that make up this wall)


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    What a gallery wall! It is nice to have such big open spaces/walls in a home but they can be hard to decorate. The star at the top is great. I also love that it is “memories” as opposed to photos.

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