Eliminate Update, Garage Sale Tips, And A Few Writing Links

garage sale collage

Eliminate Update: Remember when I chose “eliminate” for my word of 2012? No? Maybe because I’ve been pretty quiet about it around here.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve resorted to hoarding.

I really have continued to look at things in my house that I’ve just grown accustom to but were never my favorite. Some items I’ve targeted are waiting for replacements from Craigslist and thrift stores (more on that as they happen), but many actually made it to our donate/garage sale pile.

Um…piles in a garage don’t make the best blog posts, do they? That is, unless they show what’s left after a garage sale, right before the piles were taken to be donated. Yeah! I get to write a real update.

Of course I forgot to take pictures before or even during our sale a few weeks ago (sheesh…) but you can get an idea of how much we eliminated from the collage above of the aftermath. This was what was left to be donated after selling almost $600 worth of stuff (which wasn’t all ours – my two sister’s families contributed lots of stuff, too).

I used some of these tips when preparing and running the sale and I’m glad to say it went smoothly and was successful. I’m also glad to say it’s over. Whew. That’s a bit of work. I did want to pass along a couple of  garage sale tips we learned this time around-

The two most important things we did to have a successful garage sale were:
  • Have Great Signs. We heard from MANY shoppers that they appreciated our signs. We had two sandwich-style boards on the highway with black lettering on a light background with arrows and then smaller signs at each turn with the word “sale” and an arrow again in black on white. Simple, big, and easy to follow is key. Don’t add too much info – no dates or times. We put the signs out when we opened and took them down when we closed. AND we keep the signs in our garage to use for each sale, so we don’t want dated information on them.
  • Advertise on Craigslist. We put up the general ad a few days before the sale and then more specific ads the day before. We highlighted children’s clothes in Baby & Kids, dressers in Furniture, and a tent in Sporting (a big-seller, by the way). We were getting calls all day and many people said they found us through the ads. We didn’t use any paid advertising and we had a ton of traffic. Love it!

Writing Links: I’ve also been wanting to share with you a few of the other articles I’ve written lately:


I’m loving this Lavender Hand Cream I made and posted over at The Happy Housewife. It’s super emollient and is just the thing I need for these garden-rough hands of mine. Plus it’s easy and pure – bonus!

And at About One’s In a Nutshell blog I’ve written about Organizing Spices According To Ingredient to streamline your cooking (I’ve been surprised how much this has helped since I reorganized our spice cabinet), 5 Ways To Make Watering Easier (maybe I should’ve linked this at the beginning of summer…), and 10 Things to Cut in Half to Save Money (these are really things I do – not just what I’ve read about!).

What have you guys been up to lately? Any garage sale tips, plans or successes?



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