Entryway Before and After

Entry Before
OK, calling this an “entryway” may be exaggerating it a bit, but it is the place you pass through after coming in the front door, so for lack of a better name this is our entryway.

I’ve never really loved what I put here, and in the last months have come to really dislike it.
I’m sorry that these things bother me. I really am. Life would be so much easier if I were able to just breeze through my house for years never noticing the wrong color here or the “off” area there or the combination I’m just tired of…
So, when I started my small living room redecoration, it just naturally spilled over to this area (gee, now it’s starting to sound pretentious to call it an entryway).
Entry After

I wanted to add some black (like I’m adding to the living room) to coordinate with the mirrored star that hangs at the peak. I also wanted to simplify the look and use some of the things I love that I hadn’t found a place for yet.

The best part?
The only cost was $7.99 for a quart of black paint and $5.99 for a thrift store lamp. I “shopped” around the house for all the other things.
This is a cabinet that I bought as an unfinished kit years ago for our other house. I used the stain that we had on our floors in that house, but was never really happy with the way it took the stain. Through the years I’ve repainted it many times in my mind, so I was pretty excited to actually do it this time!
And it went really quick, taking only about 1-1/2 hours to do two coats (one hour the first day, 1/2 hour the second). That included the light sanding before the first coat.
Sheesh, why did I wait so long?
I really like how my vintage green glass knobs stand out now against the black. And I’m surprised how much I like the black…it’s a big step for me because I never thought I’d paint anything black. I’m usually heaping coats of white paint on everything (like the inside of our whole house).
I’ve collected tin trays in the past and have a number of different colors, but these are the only black ones I have. I thought I’d start with these and if I find some more in the future it would be easy to add to (whoo-hoo, something else I get to look for at thrift sales!).
I love these carved-looking shelves (actually painted terra cotta) which held a place of honor over our fireplace in our old house. I was just waiting for a good place for them here (*uh-em* five years later…).
And I think I scored with the little vintage glass lamp for $5.99 at Goodwill. I borrowed a shade from another lamp and edged it with black gimp (what did they do before glue guns?).
I’m happy to have a great place to show off my lovely pear that an aunt of mine made out of a gourd. It’s so incredible and I love it. I wish I could link you to her Etsy store, but I’m still trying to convince her to sell her gourds online. You should see the sunflowers, calla lilies and pumpkins she makes out of them, too. If she ever gets a store, I’ll update this with a link (hint, hint…).
A couple of old books and the card my daughter made that was the inspiration for the makeover finishes out the tableau.
My take? I like it. And I especially like that it was only $14.99. It illustrates that we don’t have to go and buy a lot of things to make changes around our homes. And I think this is more of a reflection of me and the things I love (although I had made the hanging from a tapestry piece…it just never really seemed to fit in my houses- too grand or something).
What do you think? Anything I should add? Take away?

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  1. Anonymous says

    The cabinet and accessories are very pretty. What I would recommend is to paint the wall–the white looks a bit stark, contrasted with the lovely textures you have. I’d recommend a warm color, maybe like my coffee with a lot of cream in it, or even a hint of orange, but subtle, not bright. Still pretty inexpensive.

    My husband just painted our bathroom which I thought needed a total remodel–but two walls of a warm cream, and two walls of a very soft gold, and some new black, iron looking hardware… it’s looking really nice. I also stained the old light wood towel racks to a dark, deep color. Kerry

  2. says

    I’m glad you all like the black- thanks!

    Kerry- I have been thinking the same thing- wanting to paint and a warm creamy color, too. My problem is I’m not a big fan of painting just one wall, so I’d have to paint everything. And since our entry/living/dining/kitchen is all one big space (with half-walls, too!) it’s a BIG undertaking. So I just wait…

    Your bathroom sounds lovely, too!

  3. says

    I like the black too! I started using black accents in my red living room a few years ago, they really pop and black always seems to match other black…on my walls anyway! Nice to meet another Oregon blogger!

    Just stopping by from Today’s Creative to say hi! Just signed up to follow you too. Stop by when you get a chance http://juliechats.blogspot.com. I’m always looking for a few more crafty followers!

  4. Stephanie says

    Hi Jami, how do I get one of those cool big pear?? I think you should learn to make those next!! Just a thought. They are soo fun.

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