Example Of A Daily Schedule (for Blogging, Gardening, Cooking, Working, & Living)

A few readers have asked about my daily schedule and how to accomplish making food from scratch, gardening, and homemaking while working part time and blogging. I’ve hesitated to write about this because, honestly, each of us is so different and our lives rarely look the same.

Plus, I firmly believe that some people just function better with more down time (the camp I fall into!), while others have no problem being on-the-go from dawn until dusk. Acknowledging this is important- we are all different and it’s OK to not accomplish as much as the next person if you’re doing all that you can with what you’ve been given.

So if it’s a comparison- “she’s doing all this, I should do more” or “she’s sure wasting a lot of time” then I really don’t want to put myself out there (just being honest here…). But if it’s inspirational and encourages someone towards an organizational goal and helps to use time wisely, then I think it’s a good idea.

I know I have been encouraged and challenged when other bloggers I read have shared how they organize their days- whether how to fit in exercise or blogging or whatever, so I’m going out on that perverbial limb and writing down my daily/weekly schedule. It is my hope that you will be inspired to find time to persue those things that are important to you, as well.

Caveat: This schedule is the goal– life happens and there are many days that do not follow the timeline, but I really don’t stress about it- it’s a tool for me to make use of the time I do have that is available.

And the photo above? That’s actually my schedule that I use to help keep me on task- on a couple of post-it notes. Nothing fancy here- you just do what works!

I teach part time, so my days look different during the week as well as during the school year vs. summer. They also look a lot different now than they did when my kids were younger. There are lots of seasons to life and adjusting to them is half the battle!

School-year weekly schedule:

Wake between 6:30-7 am- coffee, Bible reading, email
8 – Exercise, shower, etc.
9 – Breakfast, then bake for the week (bread, granola, granola bars, beans, prep for any meals, etc.)- every other week I also watch my little niece and nephew
11 – Computer time in between baking (on days w/o babysitting)- checking emails, searching, loading pictures, etc.
12:30 – Lunch
1-3 pm – School Prep and planning
3-5 – Blogging (I try to spend this whole time prepping & writing posts, if there’s time at the end I will do more emails or check in with my network of blogging buddies)
5-6 – Dinner prep
6 – Family dinner (this is one of our important traditions)
7-10 – If we’re home: family time, reading, knitting while watching TV with family, etc.
10:15 to 10:30 – this is my goal to be in bed, then I read until just after 11*

*I have trouble sleeping, which I know a lot of others do as well- it’s important to keep good “sleep hygiene” which is doing the same things at the same time every night and being in a calm environment. One of the things that I’ve found that helps is to make my sleep efficient by NOT thinking I need to be trying to sleep for 8 hours. I turn the light off every night about the same time and wake up every morning between 6:30 and 7:00- no matter if it’s the weekend or weekday. The days of sleeping in are long gone for me…and I find it does help- most of the time.

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
6:30/7am- Shower, etc., coffee & Bible, breakfast, email check
8:15-1:00pm – Teach
1:00 – Lunch
1:30-3 – Shopping, cooking, gardening or working around the house
3-5 – Blogging
5-6 – Cook dinner
6-10 – Same as Monday (except Wednesday is youth/church and Thursday is Cleaning Night)

6:30/7am – Coffee, Bible reading, email
8 – Exercise, shower
9-12 – Extended computer time for blogging, research, business end, template, and all that kind of thing.
12ish – Lunch
1-5 – Project time for house, garden, sewing, cooking (or shopping as needed)
6-10pm – Same as Monday

Weekends are for family and working on projects together so each really looks different, but the one thing I try is to not do any blogging on the weekends besides an hour on Sunday for the menu. This was an important change I made back in February when I felt like the blog was taking over my life (and my daughter said I was always on the computer…). Now I try to maximize the time I do spend blogging, but really try to keep to my self-imposed limits.

Summer for us means I have more time Monday through Thursday (no planning or teaching) for 2-1/2 months. There are A LOT of projects that get pushed to this time, for example this year here’s a glimpse of what we hope to accomplish in the next few months:

SO…my goal is to keep a daily schedule like my normal Friday- Blogging in the morning and projects in the afternoons.

Of course then there are vacations…and before I know it, September is here. I sure hope we are able to get a lot of these checked off our list before then.

How do you organize your time? Do you keep to a schedule? Leave a comment here or on Facebook to encourage others and help us all to use the time we’ve been given wisely!






  1. says

    I sort of have a schedule for me, but it’s more like I have a schedule for my kids and try and cram all the stuff I have to do in between. I make a list every morning of what I’d like to accomplish beyond my daily chores, but that’s about it. My youngest is not in school yet, so I don’t get to do a lot of big projects. I’d love to paint my dining room table and chairs, but can’t seem to figure out how to paint with a 3 year old always helping me. Things will change a lot in the fall when my oldest transitions to all day school, and my youngest starts preschool a few mornings a week.

    Oh wait, I did a post a few weeks ago about a typical day for me. I think that’s as close to a schedule as I’ll get.


  2. says

    Thanks for sharing your schedule Jami. I always wonder how other wifes, moms and bloggers managed to get everything done. I’ve been trying to revamp my schedule. I’m finding what once worked no longer does and I just can’t find that happy medium.

  3. Olga says

    Oh wow, you are so organized. Seems like you manage to do lots and lots of things. I need to make a schedule for myself, so this post is very inspiring for me.

  4. Gina says

    Thanks so much for sharing. I find it inspiring to see how other ladies balance the different aspects of their lives.

  5. Becca's Dirt says

    I am a list maker. I make a to-do list for weekends most of the time. I feel like I’ve gotten something done if I can check the things off. Being organized helps you stay sane for me anyway.

  6. says

    Jami, Thanks so much for sharing your schedule with all of us. I am a scheduling fiend. I find it necessary in my life of homemaking and raising 4 kiddos (ages 15,14,11 and 7) in order to keep my head straight! If it’s written down I don’t have to remember it…..I just have to remember where I put the notebook it’s written in. :)

    I have been needing to revamp my schedule to include more blogging time and this was just the post I needed for inspiration. Thank you for being brave enough to put yourself out there for all of us. I know I appreciate it and obviously other do as well.

  7. Michelle says

    Thanks for sharing! I have a schedule for the family so my oldest can follow along and know when we’re doing school, errands, etc., but I need to make one just for myself to fit in writing time and projects. I love that you’ve penciled in a sort of school planning period for yourself.

  8. says

    hi jami, oh my goodness, i LOVE the part about the down time, not doing going from dusk till dawn! AND understanding what category one falls into! I am in your camp, having just retired from “that” life run run run do do do , I just cant anymore……..and ive found out “who” understands that i need a break, and those that do not, i consider my current situation quite the eye opener. i do now realize that i must “create” a schedule, a retired schedule! :) that will for sure include a couple of katnaps too! :) thank you for sharing! hugs kat =^.^=

    • Jami says

      I’m glad you found it helpful, Kat! I do think some sort of schedule will help make us feel productive – and it will look different depending on what stage of life we are in, so kudos for realizing that. Happy scheduling. :)

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