The Fairness Post

As I was basking in the late summer sunshine in Central Oregon this last weekend, I realized I needed, in all fairness, to post about the sunshine that can make Oregon summers glorious.

I groused about the lack of warm weather last July here at the Oregon Coast. It’s all about location here- the coast is usually cool and central Oregon is often warm.

But I really have always thought that there’s no place like Oregon when the sun shines.

The evergreens next to the blue, blue sky have always, even as a kid, made me think of heaven.

We really were blessed this last weekend to have a day of 90 degrees, sunshine, and low wind.

Perfect for kyaking on the South Twin Lake and being able to see to the bottom.

Often the water was like glass.

As you can see, I just wanted to stay there lounging it was so lovely.

Thanks to my dad and his wife, we got to get a last taste of summer at the lake: swimming, kyaking, and a picnic.

All for the price of a tank of gas.

Double thank you.






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