Favorite DIY Projects From 2010

On behalf of all of us here at An Oregon Cottage (Sounds grand, doesn’t it? Much better than the reality of just me, Brian, and two kids who would rather do anything else that help with DIY projects!), I present to you our 10 favorite projects from 2010:

1. Painting the outside of our house. My dream yellow-and-white farmhousey-cottage come true. Quite a change from the gray, where’s-the-door ranch house we started with.

2. Our teenage son’s Extreme Room Makeover. We made over his room while he was in Mexico over Spring Break as a surprise. One week and all we had to do was tear up the carpet, lay the paper floor treatment and coat with polyurethane, paint the walls and all the trim & doors, make a new bed, buy new linens, rug, and curtain rod, refresh the lighting and put it all back together in time for the dramatic video reveal. Whew.

Do I need to say that we’re probably not going to do something like this again? Though the look on his face was priceless…

3. Playing fair and giving our daughter her own room makeover. Minus the surprise and deadline- and therefore a lot of the angst. Plus the fact that we could never do something like this without her input…”like, that’s totally lame, mom!” was not something I wanted to hear.

4. Amazing floor treatment using brown kraft paper. If this list were based on most popular blog posts instead of our favorites, this would be number one for the year- I couldn’t believe how people loved this. Or that they thought I was crazy. And though I had done this treatment in another house (years before), I even thought I was crazy and called it a failure in my son’s room, until I realized how great the floor looked after it was completely dry (about a week after finishing…).

It didn’t hurt that he said it was his favorite part of his room makeover. *sigh*

5. Master Bath Remodel, or “what I did for a tub.” It was a slow process, mainly because everything needed to be replaced- even the windows- but it was worth it: we aren’t in debt for it and it’s beautiful and functional for us.

6. Turning a dresser into a vanity. After living with a temporary plywood vanity for a 1-1/2 years, the dresser I had slated to morph into a vanity came to fruition last spring. And I shared the steps we took so if you ever want to make one, you can.

Just try not to wait so long.

7. Discovering the amazing results a can of spray paint can make to outdated lamps and lighting fixtures. Especially if that paint is Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

8. Makeover of our footstool/coffee table. Can I just say how much nicer dirt-colored burlap is for a footstool than creamy-colored toile?

9. Refreshed entryway. I painted a cabinet and shopped the house to update our entry. Cost? A can of black paint. Cool.

10. Last, but not least: the top ten things we learned about DIY remodeling at An Oregon Cottage (and one of Brian’s funny videos…). But I do need to add one more thing: I will never lay tile again. Ever. Please don’t ask.

There, take that you list of 2010 goals for the house we didn’t accomplish! It’s not like we weren’t doing anything…


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