Favorite Ikea Finds

Ikea is a 2-plus hour car trip from our house, so even though I love it, it had been a couple of years since I had been there. In that time I had seen a number of things in magazines that I had been putting on my mental Ikea shopping list.

Plus, I needed to do a bit of research for our planned kitchen makeover this summer and my daughter had a Friday off from school, so guess where we were last Friday?

What did I come home with? Ahhh- I thought you’d never ask! This white Romantisk tray and Sockerart metal pitcher in the above picture were a couple of the first things in my cart.

Yes, that cottagey looking tray and pitcher came from modernist Ikea. One of the reasons I have such fun shopping there is that they really do have something for everyone, no matter what your age, life stage, or decorating style!

I set it on our table when we got home and I liked how it looked there- picking up the white from the painted base. I found a few more things to add to it, including the beautiful little Anthropologie silver box my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday (sweet!) and now I think it’s perfect there…for awhile at least.

This is one of my FAVORITE finds- I love this pull-out mirror. LOVE it. I literally had been seeing it in magazines for months and couldn’t believe the price for this Frack mirror was only $4.99! I’ve seen these old-fashioned mirrors in magazines for years, but the price tag was always too high (right now there’s a $209 extension mirror at Restoration Hardware, one for $150 at Vintage Tub, and a $42 on Amazon that’s not as cute).

Hmmm, $200, $150, $40, or…$4.99. Which would you choose? Gee, even if it didn’t last as long I’d still be able to buy 5 of these for half the price of the cheapest one! Goodness, how do they do it?

Now that I actually need the magnification side of the mirror (*ah-hem*), this is the perfect solution. Plus it looks fabulous in the bathroom next to the claw-foot tub.

Did I mention I love it?

These cafe chairs were another item on my list. They’ve been shown in lots of magazines and I just love that the classic cafe shape and style is similar to $40-$100 chairs for- get this: $15 each!

And honestly I was going to buy a couple no matter what it was like to sit in them- just because I could picture them so well in my garden (is that awful to admit?) but we were all pleasantly surprised to find that they are comfortable and sturdy as well.

Yep, another two are on my list for our next trip.

This little $1.99 silver Bygel rail was a surprise find. I used it to replace another Ikea rod I use to hold our hand towels in the kitchen. In addition to being smaller, the reason I was willing to spend $1.99 for it is that it’s ends are rounded.

Rounded ends have become very important to me after living with these ends for the past few years:

Ouch. They were right at my hip level, so I’ve spent the last few years with bruises on one hip or another from bumping into this rod.

These are the kind of things you can’t know until you try them. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with my new towel rod.

Finally, who can leave Ikea without some organizing tool? I think I could spend an hour just in the organizing section. We’ve been organizing our office supplies and records in these Kassett boxes and I brought home three sizes to finish cleaning out our shelves.

And my daughter? She didn’t find anything to buy- this time- but she fell in love with Ikea, too. Of course.

What are your favorite items from Ikea?


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  1. Diana says

    I would like to have favorite things from Ikea. I would like to go to Ikea. I would like to drive 2 hours to an Ikea. But, no Ikea here. Not even within 2 hours. Not even within 4 hours. Maybe some day . . . .


  2. says

    I fell in love with Ikea when we lived in So. Cal. and there was one less than 15 minutes away! Now it’s 3 hours away. BUT – we’re headed in that direction for a concert in July with a planned overnight and I just HAPPENED to find a hotel in the same town where the Ikea is. I have the bar that you used for a towel bar except my pots and pans hang from it and save me TONS of cabinet space! I think picture frames will be on the list because they always have fun, inexpensive frames. Now I have to go online and play and make an Ikea list!

  3. Kari says

    I need to go! It’s not even that far for us, maybe 45 min in good traffic. I love those cafe chairs… and think I need some!!

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