First Day of Spring

It rarely happens that the first day of spring is warm and sunny here.

And by warm I mean 59 degrees, not California warm of 75 degrees. We dared to go to a softball game in just our shirtsleeves, seduced by the sun, and came to regret it as we huddled under begged and borrowed sweatshirts.

But I digress.

It rarely happens that the first day of Spring is sunny here (see, it’s easier if I just leave out the warm), but it happened this year. And I was able to do two things for the first time in 2010: open the windows to let some blessed fresh air into the house, and hang some clothes out on the line to dry.

I can admit that it seems silly to view hanging clothes out to dry as noteworthy at all. I’m not sure why I enjoy it, maybe there’s something elemental about hanging clothes. I’m forced to take a few minutes to enjoy the world around me. There’s no thought involved other than looking at the sky and grass and listening to the birds.

I even feel connected to countless other women before me who’ve hung clothes to dry (although I’m sure some of those women would’ve killed for a clothes dryer).

It’s actually sorta therapeutic.

But that’ll just be our secret. I like to maintain the image for my family of all the drudgery I do for them…”look! I’m lugging out this huge basket of clothes and hanging them up for you.”


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  1. says

    Greetings fellow Oregonian! Just spotted your tip on WFMW and thought I would drop in to say hello. Isn’t the sun beautiful?? Enjoy! Jennifer in Corvallis

  2. says

    Hi Jami. Followed you here from a comment you left on my new blog. I’m in Melbourne Australia and it was 32C here today (that’s 90 fareheit) and it’s not really that warm for here. We’re getting into winter and I’m looking forward to some cooler nights so I can snuggle! I must admit, I hate doing the laundry (we call it washing here though!).
    Please feel free to stop by my blog often.

  3. jeanne says

    I also have been able to start using my clothesline!! yeah– freshly laundered and sun dried bedsheets!
    The first day of spring greeted us wiht 3 inches of snow. That was after 60 degree weather.

  4. says

    I love hanging clothes out on the line – esp the first load as the birds are singing and the sun has just risen over the back woods. It’s one of those things you can’t rush so why not just enjoy nature when you’re doing it…

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