First Eliminate Update

I wrote in January about my decision to make “eliminate” my word of the year – a word that will help me see areas of our cottage in a new light.

Not: “What can I do/clean/organize to make this work?”

But instead: “What can I get rid of – that I don’t find useful, functional, and/or beautiful?”

Nothing is sacred- not even pieces of furniture that we’ve had forever – rescuing from trash heaps, friend’s basements, or special clearance deals. While I’ve enjoyed them – and their history- I’m realizing they were temporary pieces that have served a good life, but I don’t necessarily like very much anymore.

I’ve been spending a bit of time photographing areas around our house, preparing for a year of looking at things differently. I plan to update you periodically as I eliminate some things and replace others. This is the first item that found it’s way to our donation pile:

Goodness, no- not the chair! That’s a $35 dollar chair that was one of my first slipcover projects. I found a creamy matelasse-like material on sale (I think I paid $24 or thereabouts) that I still love ten years later. It’s comfy and perfectly sized for our bedroom corner.

No, the culprit is this stool I found on clearance at Target five or six years ago. I never liked the material covering the top, but thought it would be good in the bedroom because it has a top that flips up for storage. I have used it during that time to hold my Bible, pen, and notebook for morning readings, but never got around to recovering it.

Two things led to it’s demise-

  • I saved up for an iPad last spring that I now read the Bible on (that I can see without using glasses…uhem).
  • It was poorly made. The legs have broken a couple of times and the hinges on the top are now broken.

I just didn’t love it anymore and it was not useful so…

Off to the thrift store it goes. Along with the things that had been collecting in our donation pile for awhile – outgrown clothes, games, various kitchen items…you know the drill, I’m sure.

Ahhh, I find I like the look in this corner without the annoying footstool to vacuum and walk around. Clean and airy. I think I’m liking this!

Do you have any guesses as to what will be next?


This is linked to Clear Out The Clutter and Frugal Friday.


  1. says

    I’m actually thinking of doing that myself!!! Although I’d like to try selling some things on eBay. Have you ever done that? I like that word “eliminate”…Ohy, I do my online Bible reading over at It’s a great site :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

      I use the YouVersion app for iPad, Heather – I really like it, too. They’ve got nice reading plans to follow. Right now I’m reading through the Psalms- amazing how many songs we sing taken right from Psalms. :-)

  2. Tonya @ My Homey Haven says

    Oh my! When I saw your picture I thought for sure you were thinking of donating that beautiful chair. I was going to beg you to pack it up and ship it my way- of course I’d cover the cost of shipping- if you were only going to donate it anyway! :)

  3. says

    I think the criteria you’ve set yourself are fantastic. While eliminate isn’t my word for this year, I’m certainly making those my rules as well. It’ll be so much easier to get rid of stuff with that filter – beautiful? useful? No? Out it will go!

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