Five Favorite Friday Links

1. Oh my goodness, how did I miss the Zucchini Fries on Pinterest? Apparently they’ve been repinned like crazy and I’ve only just found them through The Chubby Vegetarian (source of photo as well). Our zucchini is in full production, so I will definitely be making these!

2. I will also be making these Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (except with almond butter) for my niece who’s staying with us for awhile. Dont’ these look yummy? Linda at Gluten Free Homemaker always has great recipes.

3. Kristen at Make the Best of Everything has such a great idea: make a chalkboard for guests to let them know where towels are and such. I’d like to add what time breakfast is when I do this – that’s always one of my big questions. {smile} Kristen has other ideas in this post to make guests feel welcome, too.

4. I love, LOVE, this post from Myra at My Blessed Life on The Legacy of Handmade. It perfectly sums up why I like making gifts to give and why I like receiving them as well.

5. Finally, Amy at Raising Arrows often has articles that hit home, and this post on When Discouragement Comes certainly did for me. There are always going to be discouraging times in our lives and Amy helped me to remember where my hope comes from. Read it and be encouraged.


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