Fixing A Waffle Maker Instead of Buying New

Let me introduce to you our 15-year old Toastmaster Belgian waffle maker. It used to be bright white and had a cute little red cover on the “ready light” that has been gone for awhile.

We’ve used it almost monthly since we received it as a gift and it still makes light and fluffy Belgian waffles that are crisp on the outside and tender inside. Especially when I make my favorite Sourdough Waffles. With strawberries and whipped cream. Yum.

But our little waffler has seen better days and sometime in the past six months one of it’s back legs broke off. I’ve been using folded cardboard to keep it even while using it, though as you might be able to guess, it slipped often causing some lopsided waffles.

Two weeks ago I was lured into a store armed with a coupon to go along with a sale in order to replace our waffler with a shiny stainless model. And only $17.99! What a deal.

I brought it home, threw our dingy white one in the trash (albeit with a twinge of guilt…), and used the new one within a few days- though if you follow me on Facebook, you might’ve seen the story of how Brian mistakenly ran water into the bowl of batter. So the waffles weren’t the best, but not because of the waffler.

As I was carefully cleaning it (it was new- you know how there’s that period of time you try to keep it looking new, before you give up and treat it like all your other stuff?), one of the hinges fell out of the right side.

Just fell out. It was a plastic round thing and one of the pokey things (sorry I’m gettin’ all technical on you) that hold it in had broken.

After just one use. Goodness.

So I turn it over to look at the other side to see what the button-thingy (oops, there I go again) was supposed to look like in the hinge and the other one fell out, too!

Talk about not making things like they used to.

I immediately packaged it back up to return the offensive waffler and dug the other out of the trash (it was only in the laundry room trash), washed the dryer lint and dog hair off of it, cleaned it up and asked Brian if he could do something about the broken leg.

He went out to the garage and came back in about five minutes with this:

He simply replaced the screw (like the one pictured o the right) with a longer screw and topped it with a pencil-top eraser. Cost? $0.

My hero- it’s brilliant and works perfectly. Why didn’t I just go to him in the first place?

I’m sorry I didn’t go with my instincts to find a way to fix something that was only superfically broken and instead succumbed to the “just buy new” mentality.

I’ve seen the error of my ways, however, and am now looking in trash cans everywhere for old, broken things to fix.

Just kidding. You don’t have to lock up your trash cans.






  1. Percilla says

    I have the exact same waffle maker! Mine also has the exact same issue with the back leg!!! LOL I know how to fix it now!!!! Thanks!

  2. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Percilla- Love it- how funny!

    Glojo- I’m going to have to tell Brian this- and he thinks he’s not artistic! 😉

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