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Happy Labor Day, friends! Even though fall doesn’t officially start for another couple of weeks, this weekend always seems like the end of summer because school starts for us on Tuesday. The weather feels like fall, too.

However, I realized I never shared our recent flag story with you. This actually happened over July 4th, but since it’s not officially fall and it is another national holiday, I’m pretty sure I can share it with you. There aren’t any flag police, are there?

So – after almost 24 years of marriage, Brian decides he wants to fly a flag from our front porch for the holidays. Just like that. After never mentioning it once (like, “hey, what do you think…” or “I always wanted…”), it was like a flag fire was lit under him: there were only five days until the holiday, and we needed a flag.

OK, whatever. We added a wonderful porch, might as well fly a flag from it. We headed to Harbor Freight Tools (honestly, I can’t believe how cheap they sell things there compared to the big-box stores…) and purchased a flag for the holder Brian had found at a thrift store.

A holder from a thrift store? Apparently he had been thinking of it – without informing me. Harrumph.

We didn’t pay attention to the size, though it wasn’t like there was a lot of choice- there were folded flags and flags with poles. We grabbed a folded one. When we got it home, the 3×5′ flag was huge and half of it got tangled up in the hydrangea bush. Shrug. We’ll just take it back and get a 2×3′ size.

Wrong. Apparently, there are no flags made in 2×3′ – it’s either huge or little with no in between. This is the conclusion we came to after looking in five other stores.

Oh, scratch that – I do remember that we did find one that was 2×3′ but it was part of a kit with a holder so it was almost $30. We had a holder from the thrift store, darn it, and we were not going to purchase anything else.

But the 4th was now only a day away, so Brian picked this up to fit the holder:


From one ridiculous size to another.

I laughed at him, but he was happy to be patriotic for the holiday, no matter what the size. He’s since shortened the pole so it doesn’t look quite so silly, but it is still small.

So tell me – why do you think 2×3′ flags are so hard to come by?

We’re now really into our kitchen redo, so I’m trying to think simple with our menu – which of course I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks, but we actually haven’t gotten a lot done in the kitchen before this weekend. Sigh.

But with no counters, sink in and out, and dust and paint everywhere, we really, truly, honestly need quick and easy this week.

Monday– “Haystacks” (layered chips, beans, lettuce, cheese, & veggies) with fresh salsa, sauteed corn

Tuesday– Ravioli (frozen) with fresh tomato-sausage sauce, cut carrots & peppers with homemade Ranch dip

Wednesday– Baked chicken (finished on the grill), brown rice, Grilled Garden Vegetables

Thursday– Chicken chef’s salads (using leftover chicken), grilled sourdough artisan bread with fresh tomato bruschetta

Friday– Swiss Chard And Sausage Frittata (like this recipe, but with salmon), Garlic Green Beans, sliced tomatoes

Saturday– Grilled burgers (which we’ve been having on whatever bread we have around, since making bread is hard – I do usually get a sourdough loaf made, just to keep my starter going…), chips and cut vegetables

Sunday– leftovers


Also- thanks to everyone who entered the Bon Ami Giveaway! The two winners were sent emails on Sunday: Jen W. and Wendy M. – congratulations girls!


  1. says

    Well hello there my Oregon neighbor, I found your blog while blog-hopping today and was thrilled to find you! We both seem to be living in the same part of the country and have similar lifestyles!…we live in a rural area on 5 acres and strive to maintain a simple lifestyle when the rest of the world thinks we’re crazy for “roughing it”. Also, you and I enjoy the same magazine…Better Homes and Gardens, gosh who knew! Anyway thought I’d say hi and look forward to visiting often!

    • Jami says

      Well, hello back, Terry! Nice to “meet” you. :) Yes, it does sound like we have things in common – I’ll make sure to visit your blog!

  2. Jennifer Barker says

    I just bought a flag at Target that is 3’x5′ and was about $10. My son asked foe one to hang in his dorm room at U of O. He too, just brought it up out of the blue…maybe it’s a guy thing…?

  3. says

    I lucked out. There was already a holder of some sort on my porch when I bought this house, and the local grocery store always sells flags of different sizes around the fourth. I get a cheap little flag and fly it all summer and can replace it cheaply the next year

  4. Lisa @ Cheap Thrills In Omaha says

    Looks like the menu works, and yummy at that! AND in the middle of a kitchen redo. Hats off to you. Visiting from Menu Plan Monday.

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