Freezing Strawberries For Smoothies

freezing strawberries

The strawberries are kinda petering out in my garden about now. I’m still getting some, but they are smaller and fewer. But since they are organic and I grew them, I don’t want to throw even one small one out. But what to do with the misshapen and small berries, even slightly overripe ones?

Freeze them!

Here’s how:

  • Wash them
  • Hull them
  • Lay them on a cookie sheet in a single layer
  • Transfer the sheet to the freezer
  • When the berries are frozen solid, scoop them up and store in a labeled freezer bag (you don’t want to skip labeling- frozen they can seem very similar to other red fruits).

All shapes and sizes are welcome in the freezer where they can join their buddies to await their next role. Our favorite way to use them?

For smoothies!

Did you know if you start with frozen fruit you don’t need to deal with ice in smoothies? And you also don’t need the dreaded banana to thicken it up – it’s all frozen fruit, baby (and yes, I’m aware there are a lot of people who adore bananas…I’m most definitely not one of them).

To make an ice-less, banana-less smoothie:

  • Use one to three different kinds of berries and/or chopped and frozen peaches, kiwi, apples, etc. I pull a hand full from each bag and add to the blender.
  • Add some yogurt or milk
  • Add about 1/2 cup of fruit juice to the blender and blend. It’s pretty thick starting from frozen fruit, so use a spatula and more juice (or water) if needed to get a good, smooth blend going.

And those tiny, misshapen, and overripe berries? Who cares! It’s all good here.

Oh, and I do this with all berries, too. But you probably knew that, didn’t you?



  1. says

    That sounds good and my dad loves berries…so he’d really go for this. I like bananas…but they’re not my favorite fruit. Red berries…specifically raspberries, cherries and even blackberries :) :) :) Hugs, Heather :)

  2. says

    I freeze bananas in chunks and keep them in storage baggies in the freezer. I add them to sweeten up the smoothies for the kids. If I don’t have them, I sweeten it with preserves.

  3. Katherine says

    Anytime I have frozen strawberries, they come out tasting funky. Any other fruit I freeze is fine but not strawberries. They have this musky funky taste. I only get organic fruit and I’ve tested this problem on fresh from the farmer’s market, store bought and home grown. Any idea why this is?

    • Jami says

      Gee, Katherine, I haven’t noticed that, but I mainly use them in smoothies and things – we don’t eat them plain. I do know that when I slice them and mix with a sprinkling of sugar they are good to eat partially frozen. Sugar helps preserve things, so maybe that would be something to try?

  4. says

    Just had a banana smoothie that I made using a frozen banana. I freeze my bananas when I see they’re getting soft and I won’t get to eat them before they are inedible. Did this all through the summer when I had an abundance of strawberries.

    • Jami says

      Yes, Carolyn, bananas are a smoothie classic. I wish I liked them, sigh. That’s why I use frozen fruit, to give that heft to the smoothie that typically comes from bananas. Freezing is a great solution for browning bananas, though. :)

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