Friday Photos 03.07.14

Daffodil Bud - An Oregon Cottage

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty happy to see that calendar turn to March! We’ve had some monsoon-type rains and of course there’ll still be cold days ahead, but all it takes are a few 55-60 days with sun and daffodils blooming and I feel hopeful again. It’s weird, ’cause it’s not like I hate winter or anything, it’s just this great feeling when the ground bursts forth with that those hardy flowers and bright green that only comes in early spring. I want to move and get out in it and do things. Which is good, isn’t it? Because there’s a lot that needs to be done. Whew.

Pulmonaria-Lungwort - An Oregon Cottage

Early spring reminds me why I grow Pulmonaria (lungwort) – most of the year it’s mainly a set of sad, sorta wilted leaves in the dry shade area where it’s growing. And then – boom – I find these sweet little flowers amidst all the green. It will bloom for the month of March and I’ll leave it the rest of the year, just for this.

DIY Preserved Boxwood Wreath - An Oregon Cottage

I posted on Instagram in January that I was trying my hand at preserving some of the boxwood that grows all over our yard with glycerin and citric acid. I didn’t have florist dye, so it’s not as green as the boxwood you can buy, but it is soft and not too brown. I learned, however, that you need a LOT of cuttings to cover a wreath – this is only an 8″ wreath and it’s pretty sparse, even though I had three good-sized vases full of cuttings.

I hope you’re not getting tired of me telling you about old posts I’m continuing to update here on the blog – I guess when you have 5 years of content, there’s a lot to pull from! Here’s the latest batch – starting with this favorite:

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie {aka, Skillet Cookie} - An Oregon Cottage

I simply can’t believe that one of our family’s special birthday traditions couldn’t be found in our recipe index! But…then I saw the original photos I took only 6 months into my blogging career and all of a sudden I could see why – you probably wouldn’t have wanted to make it anyway. But now hopefully you will, because this easy, giant chocolate chip cookie is SO good!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Celebration Cake - An Oregon Cottage

I’ve been making this candy-bar-like peanut butter chocolate cake for many years for our celebrations (and I even sold a few when my brother was doing some catering jobs!). It, too, had never made it into the recipe index. And if you like the peanut butter-chocolate combo, then this cake with a brownie-like texture and double layers of frostings just might become your go-to dessert for celebrations too.

Amazing WW Flaky Biscuits - An Oregon Cottage

While my favorite whole wheat flaky biscuits have been in the recipe index, I recently updated the photos, making them a little bigger for the blog. These are amazing with soup and for my favorite comfort-food breakfast: spicy sausage gravy & biscuits…shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Individual Cheesy Crust Ham Pies - An Oregon Cottage

Whenever I serve ham I make sure to set aside enough leftover ham pieces to make these cheesy crust ham pot pies. Oh, that crust is crispy and crunchy and cheesy – the perfect compliment to the creamy filling. It’s just a matter of adding ham and vegetables to a creamy filling, dividing it into ramekins and topping with a piece of dough made in a food processor, but whenever I serve it my family thinks it’s something special.

Basically, just put anything in a ramekin and they’ll feel like you’re a restaurant chef. There, that’s my Friday secret for you – .74 cent ramekins + simple food = restaurant food. Go forth and conquer!






  1. Sue R. says

    Making me hungry :) A tip that might be helpful to someone on the biscuit recipe…I have always used a combination of yogurt (homemade) and milk instead of buttermilk. I keep yogurt on hand all the time but not buttermilk–though the vinegar and milk trick works good too.

  2. says

    Great daffodil picture. And I don’t have that lungwort, but one of mine is just now starting to show some color. Beyond exciting!
    I tried a new meatloaf recipe tonight (just, meh) and thought of you when I put into my muffin tin to bake it. :)

  3. says

    Hi Jami, I for one, am happy to see you updating and reminding us of older content as I am new to your site. I absolutely love it. I visit it every day just for the joy of seeing your pictures, getting recipes, looking at how you have ‘cottagised’ your place. I have now started reading your gardening tips. I like the fact that even though I am in the UK and you are in the US, because we are both northern hemisphere we are in sync with the seasons – the daffodils on our farm are now coming out too! I just wish I could take photos as good as yours!

    I like the way you present recipes with a proper plain English description and photos and then the formal printable instructions. I have made several of your recipes now. I made the sausage, bean and kale gratin with vegetarian sausages and it was lovely. In fact I made it twice! Liz

    • says

      Wow, thank so much, Liz, for your encouraging words! Makes me so happy to know you are finding good stuff here at AOC – and that we can connect even though we’re thousands of miles away. :)

  4. says

    Great idea to update your recipes! I don’t mind seeing the older stuff at all. It makes me want to try it all!
    Glad spring is coming your way. Enjoy!

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